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Why Donate?

Free Thoughts on Iran is run entirely by volunteers who write articles and manage the web site. This is out of passion and a feeling of responsibility. These volunteers, like all others, do not expect any personal gains from what they do. Most of the time the sense of satisfaction and excitement that results from the activity itself is enough to drive them forward. However, their resources are limited and sometimes they are not able to afford all the costs of maintenance, purchasing necessary management softwares, hosting, etc. on their own. The last item in particular has shown to be a major source of imbalance due to the unreliability of affordable hosting companies.

This is why the web site has set up a donation button for those readers who can afford to help us in our project. Your donations will directly help us continue our work at FToI. If you have any comments in this regard, you are most welcome to direct them to the editors at

Also if you like any of our Movable Type publishing templates and wish to use them on your own web site, we'd be very happy to offer them for a nominal donation that you find agreeable.

Many Thanks,
FToI Editorial Board