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July 29, 2006

The Solution: Beeparm Hebeeeeeep!
Babak Seradjeh  [info|posts]

exclamation.gif For people like me from Iran, and many others from the middle east, there are three ways to react to the current Israel-Hezbollah conflict, and the underlying crisis: (1) To repeat the official state propaganda against Israel with minor or no variation. This is of course complete detachment from reality. (2) To offer what attempts to be a balanced view of the events (an account of facts, Israeli-American ties) but fails (western hypocrisy, unjustified generalizations of the popularity of Hezbollah) and, in the end, to criminalize Israel. This is "double-think." Or: (3) To see the problem for what it is (a gun over the planet Earth) ... and ... to keep silence in public. This is fear for life in a position of powerlessness. It is no surprise then that the solution does not get implemented despite a UN resolution to do so.

PS. This is not a work of fiction. Any similarity between the one and the other is striclty not coincidental.

AsdolaMirza at July 29, 2006 07:20 PM [permalink]:

There's a fourth scenario I may add: To be cheerful while the religious fanatics exterminate the hell out of themselves. How about that? After all less inhabitants means less air/water/food to be devoured. Okay, I admit it was unsympathetic. But seriously, I have never lost a friend or relative in Middle East so why should I be concerned about Arab-Israeli conflict while there are more people getting killed on the highway as I write. I do feel sorry for the Israeli and Lebanese kids that have to face this predicament. Hey, they say what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. So I hope the kids from both or all sides grow up to be more independent and perhaps less religious and overcome this setback so that they get less media attention and at least less tax money from US citizens. But how's that going to happen? John Simpson has interviewed Gaza kids; they all want to become suicide bombers when they grow up. But I doubt that would be the case.

AIS at July 30, 2006 03:22 AM [permalink]:

They are both one and the same thing.
I don't knwo but to me the world is getting more and more like Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings.
There you have the Mordor which in real life turns out to be an Islamic Republic. There you have baathist republic of Isengard with a long neck shaven Saruman.
You have cedar Rohan which was under the evil influence of saruman and now that is purged is ravaged by a new war.
You have Gondor that gets the toughest blow and whose men (ad women) have been paying the price of the free world by their blood and sacrifice.
And you have the Elves depressed and cornered by the tide of nonsense, leftisma nd multicuturalism and political correctness.
Then of course you have the insatiable desire of Sauron to get his hands on the ring of power!

The conclusion shoudl also be the same: it seems that the key of defeating the rising power of Sauron is still in desolving the ring inside the boundaries of mordor instead to collapse the evil eye frm inside. All the wars and battles outside are secondary to this, or shoudl be!

Let's hope it ends like the story, eventhough reality is always much uglier.

AIS at July 30, 2006 03:25 AM [permalink]:

And btw, doesn't the rise of new more violent mutated force of teh shiite jihadis compared to palestinian Hamas and PLO remind you of the Uruk Hai (created by Saruman on orders of Mordor) replacing the good old Orcs?

AsdolaMirza at July 30, 2006 05:12 PM [permalink]:

I'm anxious if the Battle of Five Armies takes place then Sed Ali Geda becomes Gandalf. He sure looks like him with that stick. Oh, I heard this from a reliable source that he auditioned for Saruman role but got rejected because of the lack of charisma. On the other hand, now that Condi's political life is tied to the fate of the Ring she is way unfit to play Arwen. In the next sequel (Spoiler Warning) that has happened already but hasn't been written yet, Rick Aragorn the Upchurch dumps her since she refused to go under a laser tightening rejuvenation. Okay things are getting off subject and a little personal. I'm just hoping for a cigar and going to go far and fly high in the Bay of Eldamar. Is that too much to ask?

AIS at July 30, 2006 09:50 PM [permalink]:

Well, I don't knwo much about condi's personal life (neither do I want to know), but her pathetic failure ever since she got hold of teh state department makes her unfir for any such roles.

One more thing before I go. The internatioanl community and public opinion is basically an Ent (Treebeard) assmebly...only without their grace , inetgrity and decency.

A at July 31, 2006 03:54 PM [permalink]:

Or Babak, "the problem as it is" or is it the most convenient and less controversial view for a so called intellectual in north America? I do not blame you, it doesn’t take a scientist to figure that Hezbollah is a problem and Iranians, Israelis and apparently even Lebanese were much better off if Hezbollah was "to be wiped off the map" but the question most people including me conveniently try to avoid is that whether the lack of morality and evilness of Hezbollah justifies and moralizes the actions of the party on the other side. I for one doubt I would take the same silence position if tomorrow my family were to be killed as casualties of war simply since some bustard IR guards kidnap two American solders; in fact I doubt I could ever forgive anybody who takes a silence position in the situation were my family is going to be killed.

Ben at July 31, 2006 05:32 PM [permalink]:


The bombardment of Hizbollah interests deep in Lebanon is not because of the two soldiers. It's because of the rockets. more than 2150 rockets in 20 days.
After the 2 soldiers were kidnapped and 8 murdered, the Hizbollah outposts that were positioned on the border fence were bombarded.
Only when rockets started hitting the entire north of Israel, did Israel begin to attack Hizbolla targets deep in Lebanon.

AIS at July 31, 2006 10:40 PM [permalink]:


when would you stop the intentional ignoring of the facts. Israel issues leaflets well in advance before hitting any target inorder to prevent civilian deaths. They are doing this despite the fact that this will make their jobs much harder, and brings the chances of Hiszbollah terrorists being killed by air raids to nill.
Hizbollah on teh other hand fires rockets to wards civilian areas deliberately to kill. It also uses Lebanese civilians as human shields to protect itself and to use as propaganda food.
You see both of these as similar and equivalent?
This is your level of humanism and morality?!

AsdolaMirza at July 31, 2006 10:52 PM [permalink]:

Speaking of taking positions, Iranians have shown through out the history that they have this tendency to take the most convenient position (at the time) with the least amount of responsibility. It's been some 30 years that Iranians in all around the world have been trying to sell this idea that the government of Iran is from a minority group and it is them behind all of these evil things. However, the recent presidential election showed this minority group is actually a silent majority that is from a lower class but runs the country like every other middle class in western countries. Okay, maybe I'm pushing some agendas myself but let's not forget the fact that an average American doesn't have the time to differentiate the elected Iranian government versus its people. Why am I bringing this up? Well, American people are suffering and literally paying the price for what Iranians do or promote. Apparently, Iranians were not involved in bombing trains and subways or hijacking planes or beheading journalists. But there is no question that so far, Iran has either committed or encouraged plenty of other deliberate acts of terrorism. For instance, Iranians took tens of American diplomats as hostage and harassed them physically and mentally for 444 days to push their fanatic scheme. Yes, it was a long time ago but please take a moment to read "Guests of the Ayatollah" to realize what mentality is behind these so called Islamic beliefs. Islamists view of the West cracks me up. The saddest and yet funny thing is they still register to the same views and they clearly ridicule western culture, liberalism and democracy every chance they get. Look at the Iranians burning American flag any given day. Let's be honest, the flag represents the dream of one and all Americans and they are tired of seeing their flag burning and torn. Iran's name is behind many bombings and killings of American citizens all around the world. Again, our ears might be saturated with this but believe me the modern world is fed up. So if one nation is going to take sides in regards to a "personal matter" then the question is how Iranians can take the "silence position" where American families are in pain every time they see people shouting death to America slogans. Iranians have to come clean about all of the irresponsible things they have done or sponsored.

AIS at August 2, 2006 12:16 AM [permalink]:

Good articles:
1 and 2.

I especially was touched with the first articles last sentence:
"the “international” community would urge “restraint” — and keep urging it until Israel disappeared altogether. And the day after its disappearance, the Europeans and Arabs would sigh relief, mumble a few pieties, and then smile, “Life goes on.”

And for them, it would very well."

I find it passing the evil of our times. It reminds me of the recent death of Akbar Mohammadi, and all those pro reformist, "peaceloving" "forgivers" who urge all they can for the evil to be able to continue and vultures like Behnoud who mumble their own profit, accuse the victims of being "radiical", try to win a couple of points for his camp, once someone like Mohammadi dies in prison, and for all these lovely "peace loving" and "forgiving", "reformist" and "civil" heros life does go on, quite well. In the mean time they all utter crap about Lebanon, about Hizbollah thugs and murderes, and other thugs who see them as heroes and shelter them and the poor human shields. What happoens in Iran's prisons, in Irans villages, what happens to Iranians is not chic enough for them to talk about. Lebanon, Jew-bashing, Imperialism, Evil America... these are the fashionable words to speak for teh "civilized" "peaceloving" "forgiving" "angels" among us.

It is the same evil, the same form, the same time, in different places of our "peaceful" planet.

Darius Parsa at August 2, 2006 11:33 PM [permalink]:

Make no mistake about it. This is not a random accident.

Americans now Persia is about to rise again.
Read what Henry Kissinger is saying:

The legacy of the hostage crisis, the decades of isolation and the messianic aspect of the Iranian regime represent huge obstacles to such a diplomacy. If Tehran insists on combining the Persian imperial tradition with contemporary Islamic fervor, then a collision with America -- and, indeed, with its negotiating partners of the Six -- is unavoidable. Iran simply cannot be permitted to fulfill a dream of imperial rule in a region of such importance to the rest of the world."

They understand very well that Iran wants to reassert herself as the natural powerhouse, a regional power. and they understand in an area that has been recognized to be "a stupendous source of strategic power", Iran simply can not be allowed to play the role of a regional superpower, unless it's executing orders of Washington.

From the point of view of US policy makers, destruction of Lebanon plays a two-fold role.

Firstly It is to cut Iran's arms in southern Lebanon to deny Iran from its strategic advantage, and Secondly it is a reminder to Iran (and perhaps Syria ) of the magnitude of savagery they are capable of.

In short, Americans will never tolerate a powerful and independent Persia to rise again.

I submit to you, that the defeat of the persian dream to be a power to reckon with, is not inevitable, no matter how powerful the adversary is.
The world is a far more complex place than it was in the colonial and neo-colonial era.
Acquiring strategic technological advantage is easier than ever.

The attitude of people at the top echelon of the Iranian government has made it impossible for Iran to make the leap forward. Their attitude has alienated the brightest brains of Persia and has compelled them to take their talent and their financial resources some where else.

A 1979-style revolution is the pipe dream of discredited Iranian exile groups and if it is realized will lead to bloody power struggle and will cause massive suffering.

IRI has gained enormous experience on handling the affairs of Iran and despite numerous mistakes has showed flexibility and prudence in managing the affairs.

IR is the only representative Iranians have now.
There are things people can do to improve the situation or even create the conditions for a peaceful and smooth transition of power from IR to a system which is nationalistic and religion-neutral but it requires organization, planning, strategic thinking and vast financial and organizational investment.

AsdolaMirza at August 4, 2006 01:51 AM [permalink]:

I happen to differ with the previous comment on the so-called Persian power. For example, Iranian-Americans are about 0.2% of the total US population. However, statistics confirms they only share less than 0.002 percent of the "talent and financial resource" in US economy. Even if all Iranians bring ten fold of the money they own back to Iran, it would still be like pocket money to neighboring Arab countries they consider so superior to. Saudis alone have invested as high as $860 billion in America. Let's not kid ourselves. The attitude of each one of Iranians is to serve their own benefits but not their society. I have read a book on Iran prior to 1979 revolution, Trois ans en Asie by De Gobineau. See yourself how he has described bribing and hypocrisy of Iranians in 19th century. Iran has only gained enormous experience on handling affairs like harassing the very meaning of reform, raping the freedom of speech and sabotaging any business relations with free world. IR government is the true representative of a narcissistic and charlatan nation that fails to plan, organize, think and most importantly get to work. Iran is a country where the price one pays for his zeal is death on hunger strike.

AIS at August 5, 2006 05:36 AM [permalink]:

Your language is unacceptable and your analysis is childish and meaningless. This kind of nonsense over generalizatiosn to an entire nation like Iran only learned blah blah only shows your personal ignorance added with bias. There are many culturalproblems among iranians, many many many problems. For different reasons and there is no point to utter the kind of nonsese teh Darius Parsa guy uttered that is also childish and dangerous self diluding. But "Iran" itseld is defined by its historical identity creating ideals and the deepest one are actually extremely humane and solid. (That is why this identity has survived, though badly, very badly wounded. Near fatally actually)
So for your information Iran had the first really victorious constitutional revolution in the entire east. Iran was the only country outside of Europe and North America to have a rail way project solely maintained through internal taxes with no Western investment (but not western modern technical expertise of course). Iran still produces people who speak out and die in prison cells, constantly... look at Israel and hizbollah, Even Israel is faced with major difficulties fully overcoming the subtle combination of violence,. fanatic zeal, shrewd global PR, ... of the regime in Iran. The tired and grinded people of Iran, crushed for the last 27+ years under all sort of unbounded power of this loose evil, how much do you expect of them to achieve in short time?!\
This is utter rubbish, put the blame where it belongs. in ideas, and their consequences. Islamis is the prblem because it has specific teachings that propgate the viral idea from one infected individual to the other that calls for death and destruction. Iran or any other "nation" has no such feature.

It is very apt that you should quote Gobineau of all people, the main founder of modern racism and the ideological and spiritual granddaddy of all the "nice guys" of the last two centuries, Mussolini and Hitler included.
What are you trying to prove, that you are racist bigot?
Nice job!

PS, BTW it is so eye opening that the likes of Ghasem and Armin who apparate like a djinn hwnever something is said agains some Islamist thugs somewhere to defend the criminals, never ever show up when Iran and the Iranian identity is insulted and attacked.
Shows you where their loyalties lie and how much related they are to "Iran".

AsdolaMirza at August 8, 2006 01:26 AM [permalink]:

It's time for Iranians to let go of the Firdausi fantasies and wake up to reality. I have read with great interest the previous posts by AIS. I apologize if I have shaken you up from the dream you've been whacking off for hundreds of years. Your attitude is the exact representative of self-centered Iranians who think they are potentially the best while their personal best is below average of any other minorities (at least in N. America). Your interpretations seem to summarize a rationalization but unfortunately, you failed to present a compelling argument my friend. Now that you've been calling me names, I would very much like to put my finger on your sheer ignorance but for now I encourage you to regardless of how non-logically, pre-speculating, pre-assuming, falsely accusing, premature judgmental, pre-decided side, taking you please do more research. Even if my reasoning sounded childish to you but it was purposely simplified, I believe it may add a tremendous insight to emotional and naive students, including yourself. All in all, I enjoyed reading your post. Oh, your idea of Iranian identity cracked me up. You've been a constant source of amusement to me. Keep up the good work. I'm a big fan of yours.

AIS at August 8, 2006 05:47 PM [permalink]:


Nice you are so obsessed with my character problems. I guess i should thank you. this time though you didn't even present an argument to be called childish.
I ignor your personal attacks about ideas that I do not share and have never advocated.
The only thing I'll say is that Iranians unfortunately do not clinge to Fredowsi in huge numbers and that is why we are in such a mess today. It is to some islamic arabic nonsense bloody myths that does not belong to them that they clinge and that is what they shoudl let go of. Our identitty as Iranians was held in place by fredowsi and in small repsites within the bloody history that thsoe who clinged to Ferdowsi did get the upper hand things went towards progress, peace and prosperity very rapidly actually.

Anyway, you forgot to give a new quotation this time. maybe next time you indulge us with one from Wagner?

BTW, A little birdi tells me we had the benefit of your wisdom here before, under a different name, you know, mostly around two yearsrs ago. What happened to teh old one? ;)

A Reader at September 4, 2006 04:19 PM [permalink]:

The major problem is double standards as open minded Israelis also confess: