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July 14, 2006

Touba and the Meaning of Night
Golbarg Bashi  [info|posts]

Picture Courtesy of Feminist Press

The English translation of the Persian novel Touba and the Meaning of Night [Touba va Ma'na-ye Shab] by the pre-eminent Iranian writer Shahrnush Parsipur was recently released by a major US publishing house in New York. One no longer needs to have an Iranian passport or an Iranian visa to get onboard Parsipur's imaginative boat. To make it even easier, her boat sails at all hours from most bookshops and the entire Cyber Space near you…Her 1989 Women without Men [Zanan bedun-e Mardan] has also been available in English (since 2004)...

Shahrnush Parsipur's Touba and the Meaning of Night is considered one of the unsurpassed masterpieces of modern Persian literature. The protagonist of the novel, Touba, a young girl turning into a determined woman, goes through major personal upheavals throughout a turbulent 80-year long Iranian history. Touba's life-story is connected to the historical predicaments of her country and thus makes the novel one of the best works of literature to provide a fictive narrative of contemporary Iran...

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