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November 07, 2004

An old old epic
Hamed Seyed-allaei  [info|posts]

docock.jpg Once upon a time there was a king who was like any other one. The only thing which makes him the subject of our story is not the king himself. Our king had a cook which was unique in all the world at all times. He was able to cook very delicious dishes that no one had cooked before and after.

This is an old bloody epic, like our bloody world. I do not recommend it to Iranian and underaged children.

The king loved his cook very much; therefore, one day he asked the cook to make a wish.

"Your Majesty, my only wish is to serve you which is the job that I am doing now", the cook responded. But the king insisted on and convinced the cook to make a wish.

"Your Highness, my only wish is to kiss your shoulder", the cook requested gracefully.

"Are you sure that this is all you want ?", the king asked amusingly.

"Yes your Majesty, this is my only wish and I think you're not going to refuse it", the cook replied.

"You can have your wish.", the king said with great enthusiasm.

The king was happy that his cook had made such a inexpensive wish but he didn't know about the consequences. The cook kissed both shoulders of the king and then vanished which was unbelievable for the king and his ministers but
it was not as unbelievable as the two huge snakes that came out of the shoulders of the king. The king was frightened to death by the awful snakes.

"Go, go and bring here the best doctors of my kingdom", he shouted. All of the best were gathered but no one could find any cure for the poor king. Every one was hopless. And then, a doctor came that no one had ever heard of.

"There is no cure, you have to put up with the snakes". the doctor said.

"What a great proposal! Cut his head off!", the king said with anger.

"Just a moment your Highness! I have no cure for the snakes but I know how to stop them from killing you.", the doctor screamed. "They will eat your brain if you do not stop them and I am the only one who knows how." the doctor said and then smiled. Finally, he could catch the attention of the King.

"Well, tell me. What should I do?" king asked impatiently.

"You have to feed them every day with fresh brains of two young men, otherwise they will have yours instead." He continued and then vanished. Which was a surprise for the council of the king, although they were starting to get used to that. Rumor has it that the doctor was in fact the same cook and some go further and say that it was the devil who used this trick to get his revenge from our kind.

The command commenced and every day two men were brought to the kitchen of the palace. After all, he was the king and the most important person in his kingdom. What was wrong with sacrificing a couple of worthless men to save the king and the country?

At that very time, a wise man was among the kitchen's staff. He was the one who was supposed to slaughter the poor men. He was bad enough to accept the job but good enough to kill less. He devised a wise plan. He killed one man every day and let the other one flee away and instead of his brain, he used a cow's brain. I wonder how he preferred one to the other. The stronger, the more handsome, or did he just flip a coin? I should confess that he had a very difficult task that few people could do.

Well, now I am tired and I am going to sleep. You can go and find what happend to the king in "Shaahnaameh", the book by the celebrated Iranian poet "Ferdowsi".

homer at November 7, 2004 04:53 PM [permalink]:

Saeedi e Sirjaani has an excellent book about this story called "Zahhak e Mardoosh". Islamic Roopablick of Iran has banned the book. I wonder why. I highly recommend it.

An Iranian Student (AIS) at November 7, 2004 06:58 PM [permalink]:

Yes, interesting parralles with what's going on in Iran in the past 25 years.
After all the King (Zahak) was an Arab (Tazi) whose conquest of Iran recieved the enthusiastic support of the Iranians themselves! Talk about undying habits!
Oh yes, and you should have continues that the men who were saved this way went out to make a nation of their own, the Kurds.

There are also Jewish links here. Jamshid is definitely linked to Solom. His wise realm, his last years of corruption. The Zahak's last name Biurasb also has some links to the name Babylon in old Perisn way of pronouncing it according to some eccerntric theories. (I'm not sure of this. The usual translation of the last name is "(owner of) a thousand horses". There is also some similarity between youg mens sacrifices and the stories of Daniel or other child/young man sacrifices in teh Bible.
A real research in this fiels could bring about interesting results.

The similarity with Doc Oak is also inetesting. I'm certain it was a coincidence but a fascinating one. (a bit like the fact that word bad in Persian and English are identical and have exactly the same meaning, but etymologicaly come from completely different origins I guess!)

You know, I always wondered, this would be a perfect story for a Disney cartoon. Is there a way we could let them know?

superficial reader at November 8, 2004 01:44 PM [permalink]:

and they all attest to the missed link between Gudarz and Shaqayeq...

An Iranian Student (AIS) at November 13, 2004 05:23 PM [permalink]:

Ali (from the other thread)

Read your last comment more carefully my friend and decide for yourself which one of us was more similar to Shari'atmadari. That's all I'd say.