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March 10, 2004

Iran vs. IAEA vs. EU vs. US vs. Iran
Kaveh Khodjasteh  [info|posts]

I have the following questions:

(1) Why a clandestine nuclear facility, and all the attempts at its secrecy? To make them secure against possible security threats? To hide them from the Iranian people who might not approve such use of their national resources? Are these facilities supervised by the official executive parts of the government? Are there bills approved in the Iranian Majlis [parliament] to approve such facilities? I mean, how would that stand against the Iranian laws, forgetting the International commitments?

(2) Nuclear Weapons? For what reason? Who would they be used against? As deterrent? Against whom? Stability in the Middle East? A regional cold war? Who would benefit most? Who would be devastated in the end? To what end?

(3) Contradicting statement from different individuals and spokespersons in the Iranian government? What do they signify? Who has the final say in this matter and what is it?

(4) Since when, have the European powers become colleagues of the Iranian government? What is this particular partnership [or alliance, which would be a more literal translation] based on?

(5) How is the change of direction on the part of the European powers correlated with the recent rigged parliament elections in Iran?

Not that I expect any answers.

An Iranian Student (AIS) at March 11, 2004 12:44 AM [permalink]:

Good points Kaveh!
As for 'parliament' approving such bills, well this 'parliament' can't even approve itself! What do you expect?

What Nukes are good for? For keeping Mullahs in power, making them negotiating members. Something they can use to gain whatever advantage they want, by the mere risk of finally using them, to glorify Islam whatever! You want rational, human argument that might do anybody any good from this regime? Of course not.Didn't think so myself.

As for the EU keeping their 'ally' from falling, I just want to remind everyone of who is responsible for renewing the relation? Who is the pathetic 'refromist' who wasn't 'able' to do an epsilon for the epople who elected him but did miracles in strnegthening the international stance and support for his real mullah masters? Who was it that opened relations with the 'evil al-e-saud' so that their money and influence in the world and America also pay for their moslem brothers stability in ruling Iran? Who? Would you refresh my memory?
This is yet another price we the people have to pay for supporting any animal from the Mullah cattle, this is yet another 'golden consequence' of the advices of our 'pragmatic' intellectuals.
Who want nothing more than make life a little more bearbale (!) for the ordinary people. A, yes, those 'Educated intellectuals' of ours, may God bless them, Amen!

Tautologist at March 11, 2004 02:46 AM [permalink]:

Folks before entering the debate, please curb your enthusiasm and justify the following numbers.
Nuke warhead by countries:
US: 10600
Russia: 8400
China: 400-450
France: 288
UK: 200
Israel: 200
India: 30-35

Rouzbeh at March 11, 2004 02:43 PM [permalink]:

Kaveh's questions are all valid. I have my answer for them: the seek of nuclear weapons are not to guarantee the Iranian national interests. Our national security is not jeopardized because of our lack of nuclear weapons. It won’t help us to resolve any of our regional conflicts.
They, however, have a very important use: They are very valuable bargaining chips for a government which has lost its legitimacy. If you are ruling an economically bankrupt country with an unemployed, frustrated and angry young generation which is impatient to see your regime gone, what is left for you to show the world that you are the ultimate rulers of the country and you should be taken seriously.
Obviously the Islamic Republic is following the footsteps of its fellow dictatorship North Korea.

Babak S at March 11, 2004 07:53 PM [permalink]:

Dear Tautologist,

Those numbers are justified by history: the cold war (a global conflict) was the culprit behind the staggering number of nukes in the US, UK and France on the one hand and Russia (former USSR) and China on the other. Israel, India and Pakistan joined the list due to instances of regional conflict.

Now perhaps you should justify this pattern among nuke holers: all but two are democracies. The semi- and un-democractic among them, i.e. Pakistan and especially China have too much to lose. Where does the I.R. fit?

Tautologist at March 12, 2004 01:11 AM [permalink]:

Dear Babak,
First, by no means I'm trying to justify arming iran with nukes. I'm srongly against these horrible weapons in the hands of any counry. The logic/justification that you used in your argument can also used by other nations.
The same idealogical, historical and/or regional justifications can be applied in the case of iran. If there is one country in the world that has been consistantly at odds with all its neigbours trough out its long history, it is iran. Just look at the map and read the name of the countries around us, and you'll see what I mean. Does this reasons justify going nuke for Iran? No. Nor those things that you mentioned justifies those numbers.
Second, being democratic or not is irrelavent in this argument. Democratic countries might have been succesful in controlling violence inside their borders. They might have succeeded to find civilized solutions for their conflicts with other democratic counries. But certainly, the level of violence they used against other "low-life" people of the earth has not been reduced even after the democratic values were stablished and enforced in post WWII era in western part of Europe. The horrible atrocities of France in Algeria and Vietnam ( yes Vietnam, and it was even worse than what American did there) after WWII is unblievable. You can find similar example for other democratic countries.

Probably you want to say, going Nukes gives confidence to undemocratic regimes to oppress their own people, and not worry about a foreign intervention. Perhaps you are right. But it seems democratic countries are encourage them to do so. Just look at the different policy of the US against Iran, N Korea, Iraq and Pakistan.
The case of Paksitan is really illuminating: A military dictator, has nuke arsenal already, a clear history of supporting terrorism and fundamentalistm, supporting Taliban on their record, now a major proliferator of nuke weapons. Yet you've got to see how John Bolton, undersecratary of state, was trying to justify all of these so boldly last night.
Sorry for the long comment.

Ron at March 12, 2004 02:34 AM [permalink]:

Dear Tautologist,
With regard to the different policies the U.S. holds regarding nukes, one must consider that each of these countries has a unique political and strategic situation. For example, they would be extremely reluctant to invade North Korea. Why? Look at the map. The capital of South Korea, a city of 10 million people is only 50 km from the most heavily militarized border in the world, with North Korea pointing thousands of rockets at it. A North Korean retaliation could be catastrophic, even if it would be inevitably defeated.
I believe that for Pakistan, the U.S. has no choice but to support Musharraf, because they know that an alternative to him could be much worse. Especially now that everyone knows Pakistan has sold nuclear knowledge, the last thing the U.S. wants is instability in Pakistan, even if that means supporting a “friendly” dictator for the time being. Although history shows even “friendly” dictators can’t be trusted.
For Iraq, U.S. knew Saddam’s regime would fall like a house of cards, and indeed they conquered the entire country in less than a month (although a previous war and 12 years of sanctions helped a bit too). Nukes? No way. Israel took care of that in ’81 (interesting note; Ilan Ramon, first Israeli astronaut who died in the Columbia shuttle explosion last year flew that missionl ). Other WMD? Could be buried anywhere in Iraq. Or Syria.
Although for the case of Iran, I don’t know the situation well. First of all, what is the consensus among Iranians as to the purpose of Iran’s nuclear program, as opposed to the official line? From what my limited understanding is, Iran has a democratic system with a few dictators on top. Couldn’t the U.S. just knock these guys off, and a democracy will already be in place, or am I being naïve? I have a few Persian friends in Toronto who told me the people of Iran are praying for this to happen. Is there such a feeling? Please excuse my ignorance, but I am very curious.

Nuky at March 12, 2004 09:05 AM [permalink]:

50 years in the history of mankind is nothing! So please not discuss that 20 years ago was different and ... There are many examples that suggest that we still ,in 21st century, live in "jungle".

Everybody got nukes. So should we.

Tautologist at March 12, 2004 06:55 PM [permalink]:

Just dropped in to appologize for many grammatical and spelling mistakes in my previous comment.

SG at March 13, 2004 03:52 PM [permalink]:

It's "apologize", Tauto! ;-)

be shoma che? at March 13, 2004 05:20 PM [permalink]:

you have a point but the crux of your post is that "Iran is trying to get nukes" which is i suppose, influenced by the media here! Iran claims that its program is for civilian use, what makes you beileve the US side of story more than the Iranian side of story?
Please don't tell me that the US government does not lie! We have all seen how they sold their illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq by spinning and deception! People thought that surely Saddam was lying when he was saying that he didn't have WMD and the US and UK were telling the truth.
Also from what I know, Iran is rich in uranium resources why is that they should not be allowed to have a full control over their fuel cycle process?

zamani at March 13, 2004 06:16 PM [permalink]:

america still views the world from a cold war perspective ... from america's view, if iran has nukes, it will not invade iran and will be less confrontational and more diplomatic in its relations ...

An Iranian Student (AIS) at March 14, 2004 03:47 AM [permalink]:

'Be shoma Che?' or whoever you are (I actually have a good guess of to what 'kind' of people you belong, we had a visit a couple of weeks ago, after the circu..'election'!)

If you can't understand a fact so simple as this, nothing can help you, so I'm not gonna waste my breath on you.

I can only speak of myself, I pray to God for some kind of American intervention, help, foirm and decisive help us get rid of these animals in power in Iran!

JFTDMaster at March 14, 2004 08:21 AM [permalink]:

"Iran claims that its program is for civilian use"
- What civilian use? Iran burns off extra natural gas, and that amounts to more energy being wasted than Iran will get from nuclear reactors, for the forseeable future. There is no other use for the nuclear facilities they are building.

Regarding nukes in general: I wouldn't care if modern, civilized nations that are true democracies hav nukes: for example Japan, if Iran if it becomes democratic. On the other hand, if corrupt (personally and ideologically), terrorist-supporting dictatorships like the dictatorship in Iran, or Saddam Hussein, or Assad in Syria, get their hands on nukes, that could very well mean either nuclear war or nuclear-armed terrorism.

If a government doesn't even bother to care for the basic necessities of its population, let alone give the people a voice through democracy, then it doesn't deserve to have more power (nukes), or to exist for that matter.

hamed at March 15, 2004 11:10 AM [permalink]:

The picture is really cool! Especially the circular saw blade.

Kaveh Kh at March 15, 2004 11:36 AM [permalink]:

Thanks, I did it in Adobe Illustrator with much haste; I am not sure if it entirely makes sense [like the questions that I asked!]

Tautologist at March 16, 2004 05:48 PM [permalink]:

FYI, the only country that used A-bomb not once but twice is a democracy. Other WMD's have been developed/used by democratic countries, the examples are numerous. I have to repeat what I wrote in my previous comment on this post, being democratic country or not is irrelavant in this argument.

SG at March 16, 2004 06:13 PM [permalink]:

What exactly is a nuclear warhead?

Grand Vizier['s dream] at March 16, 2004 07:38 PM [permalink]:

"The Nuclear Warheads" or simply "Nukehead" is a black [death] metal music band, once popular in the 80's which is gaining some extra popularity these days by bringing some fresh Middle Eastern and Asian elements [from Israel, India, Pakistan and of course China, and even more recently from Iran].

They are rather loud when they go live and many of their fans have suffered extensive injuries after seeing them live in concert. In this regard they are comparable with "The Chemical Brothers" and "The Napalm Death".

SG at March 16, 2004 10:07 PM [permalink]:

Ha Ha.

But why are they called war-head (if it's not warh-ead, or wa-rhead? I mean, HEAD cheh rabti beh shaghigheh daareh?

Western Baseej at March 18, 2004 08:46 PM [permalink]:

This post precisely proves the strong legitimacy of the Islamic Republic. In contrast, also shows how they are extremely intelligent working with a vision and struggling towards it.

I am mean the ignorance of Kaveh is plain, there is not even historical perspective on his post when it is West’s general policy to maintain Islamic countries perpetually undeveloped and their economies controlled. Especially Iran’s own history starting with the penetration of European trade during the Qajar dynasty up until the pathetic cavern-like government of Reza Pahlavi. Despite Iran’s huge potential in economy the Sha pursued policies that put all areas of Iranian society under foreign control. If you would care to read history you wouldn’t make such shortsighted and backward comments. Even more troublesome is that the writers of this website are predominantly scientists, even the author!!! Yet he makes the case against Iran developing a nuclear industry!!! This really defies understanding. I am not a scientist, however I appreciate the enormous value of having nuclear technology, which can be applied to a wide ranging of areas in society. Moreover from nuclear technology stem other new technologies and on top of that it contributes to the scientific knowledge. For instance now the West has this ITER project that deals with fusion technology (check it out: ). Yet Kaveh, who studies Physics, it’s against it!!! I would never question any aspect of the Islamic Republic nuclear program. Even the mastering of nuclear and hydrogen bomb are an invaluable experience for science and with the spirit of discovery. In light of this Kaveh’s post sound more like coming from the Middle Ages or the punko Pahlavi mindset, when they were against discovery. Kaveh, do you want to keep the Islamic Republic backwards? All those rhetorical questions, besides being pointless to formulate in the first place, are tantamount of treason. And the other who go on supporting the post fare no better. Especially AIS who spews irrational thoughts, he sounds like Mojaheeding e-Khalq. What is the benefit for Iran coming from such blind, unintelligent attacks? And how come since most of the contributors to this site are scientist allow such an anti-Iranian, anti-scientific worthless post?

The Islamic Revolution has been under constant attack ever since the Revolution, but one by one have been able to defeat all plots and attacks. What’s more even under severe sanctions and other dirty ploys the Islamic Republic is now more powerfull than all other Islamic countries. And the attack on Iran’s nuclear program will also be defeated. Enshllah.

I think Kaveh you need some serious introspection on the logic of you reasoning and the meaning of being a scientist.

Freedom, Independence and Islamic Republic

Khoda hafez

Western Baseej

nuky at March 18, 2004 11:59 PM [permalink]:

Western Basiji,

Let's be FRANK! Do you really think that Islamic republic has any scientific sympathy for Iranian scientists that you want to see the nuclear activities as part of the picture you presented?

As I said before we are living in the same jungle as our ancestors lived and Iran as part of this jungle has the right to do develope whatever she wants; period.

Beleive me, there is nothing sacredness about developing nuclear weapons.

Arash Jalali at March 19, 2004 04:28 AM [permalink]:

"Tantamount of treason" ? I see. So, more precisely, you think Kaveh, "And the other who go on supporting the post" deserve to die. "Freedom, Independence and Islamic Republic." Amen!

"Even the mastering of nuclear and hydrogen bomb are an invaluable experience for science and with the spirit of discovery."

I could not agree more, but if I were you I would have argued in a much more different way. From a Machiavellian point of view, the Islamic Republic, irrespective of its reputation and nature, is quite warranted to seek to acquire nuclear weapons. Any government, democratic or not, would naturally want to seek superiority and/or immunity with respect to its neighbors and rivals, in "any" way possible. Again, Machiavellian mindset dictates, that when Israel, as the Islamic Republic's major enemy, has piles of nuclear weapons without even adhering to any international treaties, or even formally admitting it has nuclear weapons, when the international community prefers to adopt a "nuclear ambiguity" policy towards Israel, when one compares the fate of Saddam Hussein's regime with that of the Pyongyang's, then the only logical way left for the Islamic Republic, would be to attempt to acquire nuclear capabilities despite all odds.

I would have respected you more, so would, I think, your employers who have sent you to the Big Apple to acquire a more fashionable perspective and maybe learn some kosher English, had you laid out an argument like the one above, rather than making antiquated slogans about "spirit of discovery", "science", "progress", and "coming from the Middle Ages". Who do you really think you are preaching to here? Some outdated baby pro-monarchists who have been out of Iran, and out of touch with its realities for so long that would actually be moved by your rhetoric? Or maybe for a moment you thought this is Lebanon and the audience is a Hizbollah company chanting "Allaho Akbar" whenever you talk about defeating "all plots and attacks". These scientists, whose comments and posts have defied your immense understanding, are people who have all in one way or another lived the life of a scientist in Iran; some as recently as a year ago, and some are still living that life. They know about the value the IR puts on science and scientists; they know about how it feels to work under the mindset of a Neanderthal who has spent Iranian tax payer's money to bribe his way into getting a lousy Ph.D. from the University of nowhere, UK (or US), and cannot even compose two simple sentences in English, let alone write a whole thesis on economics.

I do understand that you have a job to do, and believe me I do not criticize you or your collleagues for it; it's a job, and somebody's gotta to do it, right? Why shouldn't it be you if it allows you to see, and live in the land of "the big Satan". But please do not insult my intelligence by such early-1360's-type crap. At least learn to do your job well. Make part of that money they're spending on you to keep you a "Western" Baseeji worthwhile.

The Pagan at March 19, 2004 05:18 AM [permalink]:

Western Baseej,

In support of all other friends, I have to point out that your post proves nothing but your ignorance. Do you really think they want the nuclear power for civil reasons? Were you born yesterday? Even in US which has the hugest nuclear industry, less then 10% of the whole electricity in the country comes from nuclear plants.

" The Islamic Revolution has been under constant attack ever since the Revolution, but one by one have been able to defeat all plots and attacks". When do you people want to learn that these conspiracy theories are created just to meddle with you impressionable minds? This is pathetic!

Dashetoon at March 19, 2004 11:17 AM [permalink]:

Western Baseej,

Beh Mola you are right! The bloody Mullahs need the nukes to make sure that they are the next target on the list, whether Bush is President or NOT!

Talking about Israel, ah you Naive people make me sick! There is just one Jewish state on this planet, and the US, whether Jane Fonda is the President or John Kerry will do everything, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING BY EVERYTHING, to ensure NOTHING threatens the existence and survival of the state of Israel, whether Israel itself has the NUKES or not!

So happy dreams Western Baseej because nuclear Martyrdom may very well be your destiny! Enjoy!

The only sad part of the story is that those of us who are the ordinary people should be massacred because of a handful of crazy idiots who want to defend the World of Islam!

We are Iranian Mr. Traitor! But if the Arab rulers of Iran want to give America all the pretexts that it does not even need (look at what happened to Saddam who looked like a total HAPALI on the TV), by all means go ahead!

While getting killed by American bombs, we will still enjoy watching how the Jackals who are the our rulers are getting their bloody humiliation by the Americans!


Clara Clarification at March 19, 2004 12:26 PM [permalink]:

The most powerful Islamic countries are Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, for obvious reasons.

Sorry to wake you up from your swet dream, "Western Basij".

pormncxhj at March 19, 2004 03:57 PM [permalink]:

Iran will not be on the list - if it gets nuclear weapons - with the same reason that North Korea is not on the list and it's a good strategy to buy time from IAEA and get nuclear weapons.

Naive at March 19, 2004 05:51 PM [permalink]:

Yes, you are right pormnxchi, North Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran are so similar.

The Islamic Republic rulers do not even think or even imagine of a moment that they may use these bombs against Israel!

What a good strategy!! HeeHeeHee..

An Iranian Student (AIS) at March 20, 2004 07:40 PM [permalink]:

Happy Nowruz to all!

First of all, I want to thank all the people who supported free thought and speech here, especially those who did that openely while in Iran.

The contributions Baseeji guy here is I think an interesting opportunity for the rest of us to study this 'kind' without the danger of being beaten to death orsomething (which usually accompanies any direct close encounter with the Baseej in real world).
I think we can all learn of what happens in (what has remained of) a mind that believes and acts as a baseeji. How it realtes things in the world. How it coppes with the reality that is so far a far from what he has been indoctrinated in. We should also understand, that although most of them are opportunists and have many little pathetic goals to gain on the way, but still their worldview is that of otherworldly garbage and idealism of an inhuman ideology.
In that sense I found it most amusing that the only thing he can think of to name me with is as one of the Mujahedeen-e-khalgh (shouldn't he be saying 'monafegh',BTW?), who are on all accounts on the same level in mental capacity with the baseejis, share the same stupidity, religious fanaticism and superficial rubbish many of them are willing to die and kill for.Most importantly, whose mish-mash meaningless ideology is based 'on the red thread of martyrdom in shiite history, as set clear by the great master (ie. super clown) Ali Shari'ati. (And who I still don't understand why are fighting these idiots in the firts place, since they have so much in common).
I think that most of all shows his horizon.

Finally on the issue of Nukes, Democracies are stable and sane, they don'tgo around bombing the rest of the world for going to paradise. As far as we live ina jungle blah blah blah, I just want to hint to the fact that jingle animals don't have the capability of extinguishing life on earth. We do and so I think we should do better than what jungle dictates. And the democracies among us have done that, we are still living in a living planet unharmed. With islamic fundamentalists going for it like they are doing now, that could become nothing but a short honeymoon.(It is inetersting that the left that waskilling itself in the cold war by all death scenarios, seems not to give a damn when it comes to the real threat of the Islamists, as a side note!)

PS. There have been huge unrests in the nort of Iran, where atleast 5 people have been kileld in street protest gone bloody there after the election. I think there should be a mention of that in this sire. See here

Western Baseeji at March 21, 2004 06:34 PM [permalink]:
EXCUSE ME, WHOSE INTELLIGENCE IS BEING INSULTED? Salam Arash Jalali Agha You are the only one displaying some sort of clear thinking although still profusely obfuscated by unnecessary philosophical pronunciations that are really outside the central argument and anything to do with science. I think you are confusing issues. And it is very disappointing again, because you happen to be another scientist!!! As of the others they just make incoherent, simplistic and superficial gargles not worth to take into consideration. Like you said you do appreciate the value of pursuing nuclear but then you tell me that I would have gained your respect had I make my argument along Machiavellian premises? That was precisely my complaint in the first place that the post failed to analyze the scientific value of the nuclear Industry and instead makes unanswerable pointless rhetorical questions that encourage negative criticism and by implication puts into question the legitimacy the pursue of a nuclear industry by the Islamic Republic. It’s mostly a political analysis and even this is extremely superficial asking the wrong questions. To add insult to the injury Kaveh’s happens to be a physicist and about 75% of the writers of FTI happen to be scientist!!!!! Your fancy Machiavellian point of view doesn’t provide an intellectual solution to this discussion because by the same argument we could find many other interpretations, Chomskian, Kissingerian, Baconian, Dalinesque (the painter). What preference has Machiavelli in laying the case for nuclear technology? The answer is none at all. Therefore, the only necessary and valid arguments are the Islamic one and the purely scientific. The former has a rich history, just think about Islamic Civilization and how the Western world has arrived to its current technological advance thanks to the mass borrowing of Islamic scientific research (check out: ). There is no need to go into Machiavelan interpretations. The latter is what most preoccupies me in view of such a shortsighted scientists (Kaveh, Jalali) that make wrong argumentations and even lack a vision for the use of science. It is startling, aren't you interested in science, in the making things, in discovery? Don't you have scientist drive to know the remotest corners of nature? And this is explicitly separated from Machiavelli. Instead of writing useless rhetorical questions making the casa against the Islamic Republic by a scientist, why doesn't Kaveh think in the benefits nuclear research will bring? Why not delve on the contributions it will have and impact upon society and across industries. Why not discuss its applications? For instance let’s explore the wonders and benefits of nuclear research and to what fields can it be applied. Contrary to your assertion ‘spirit of discovery’ is not a all a slogan, it is a reality and part of human being’s nature. Nuclear technology in the west has spurred a wide range of discoveries that now are use in all aspect of society. But even discarding it practical use there is intellectual rewards that help to expand the knowledge about the world. The atomic world is a fascinating one. Its intricacies pose a challenge to scientists whom are relentlessly investing their structure to come its understanding. With every discovery it takes into new dimensions yielding unknown elements. At the present time there are efforts to make some experiments with Muon, another is trying to catch neutrinos ["Toooo long!" editors say, "Here: click to read the whole thing!"]
Ron at March 22, 2004 01:56 AM [permalink]:

Dear Baseeji,

Thanks for a very thorough post. I thought I'd throw in my perspective from an Israeli point of view. First of all New Jewrk is a new one to me, usually I hear Jew York, I'll have to write that one down. Since I'm not an Iranian, Arab, or "filthy" Anglo-Saxon either, it seems we have a lot in common, we should grab a beer some time... but back to your post. If you dismay that Israel opposes Iran's nuclear ambitions, and does all in its power to prevent this, perhaps you can forgive us. You see, when we hear that Iran's leaders are dedicated to wiping Israel off of the map, and directly sponsor groups like Hezbollah, which attack not only Israel, but also Jewish civilian targets all over the world, perhaps you can forgive us for being a little tiny bit suspicious and concerned when we hear this regime is developing nuclear power. Don't get me wrong, scientific progress is a wonderful thing, and I would never deny that Islamic civilization carried the torch of progress while the Popes in Europe were still walking on all fours. Nor would I deny any country the right to conducting scientific research. But let's be honest. Of course Iran has the right to nuclear research, and even nuclear weapons, but does that mean it's a good idea? Maybe they can devote their resources to other scientific research that won't make their neighbours nervous. Is anyone threatening to wipe Iran off the map? Hey, you guys liked us enough before '79, so what happened? We still like you enough, come over for some milk and cookies and we'll talk about it.

I would also like to dispel any misconception you may have that that Jews/Israel are hostile to Iran. First of all, there was an article just today in the Jerusalem Post where Israeli defence officials explained deliberately the distinction that Iran is a "threat" and not an "enemy".
Second, I want to tell you about last summer during the time when the siamese twin sisters from Iran died very sadly after their unsuccessful operation. These twins were on the front page of every Israeli paper and on TV, during and after their operation and subsequent death. Believe me, their story moved us even though you may consider us your "enemy"

An Iranian Student (AIS) at March 23, 2004 03:33 AM [permalink]:

I think I have a confession to make. Despite my efforts not to, I really couldn't help myself feeling pity for our Baseeji. I am ashamed but there you go.
The way he wants to talk 'scientifically', is just so sweet. This is all "amrr-e-be-ma'ruf and nahy-e-az-monkar" you know, speak to each group in their own jargon. our friend here must feel himself so smart and sophisticated. After all "mo'menoon" must be smart, or that is what the informastion ministry in Iran believes any way.
"...At the present time there are efforts to make some experiments with Muon, another is trying to catch neutrinos....Then nuclear research led to accelerators experimenting with all types of matters, leading to new forms like Higg Bosons...."
Don't you just love this guy? A Baseeji (wannabe) who can actually spell 'neutrino'! Who could have thought of that?
hey, 'Baradar'! Why didn't you add some verses from the Koran who prophesied about 'Higgs particles'? Nuch, nuch,nuch...Not doing your job well enough, I'm afraid.

By the way, congratulations! That imbecile pile of defecate, Saruman himself, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin is so gloriously turned into a pile of blood and junk, his very elements!
It really made my day, haven't been this happy for a long time. May the same fate meet our Mullahs, baseejis and othert islamist brothers as soon as possible.
A great Nowruz beginning!

AIS (Another Iranian Student) at March 23, 2004 11:33 AM [permalink]:

Mordechai Vanunu. Israel: Mordechai Vanunu worked as a nuclear technician at Israel's top secret Dimona base in the Negev desert. Concerned by the scale of the project, beyond even the control of the Israeli parliament, he passed details of the programme to the London Sunday Times in 1986. Shortly afterwards he was kidnapped, tried in secret and sentenced to 18 years in jail, 11 of which were spent in near total isolation.

AIS (Another Iranian Student) at March 23, 2004 11:33 AM [permalink]:

Mordechai Vanunu. Israel: Mordechai Vanunu worked as a nuclear technician at Israel's top secret Dimona base in the Negev desert. Concerned by the scale of the project, beyond even the control of the Israeli parliament, he passed details of the programme to the London Sunday Times in 1986. Shortly afterwards he was kidnapped, tried in secret and sentenced to 18 years in jail, 11 of which were spent in near total isolation.

human being at March 23, 2004 02:55 PM [permalink]:

You make me vomit AIS (An Iranian Student!). You picked on your somewhat alike baseeji because there is not much difference between you and those so-called “baseejis” who roar in the streets with their chains and knives to beat whoever is not thinking like them!
You are sick that killing a blind paralyzed old man makes your day! I don’t care what that man believed in but if the death of someone makes you happy then you are a sick person and God forbid that people like you ever gain power, since that would be the shortest way to chaos and destruction.

JFTDMaster at March 23, 2004 05:50 PM [permalink]:


"a human being"
- yassin was not some simple old man, he was the leader of a "muslim brotherhood" terrorist organization, Hamas. Yassin was the "spiritual leader" of hamas the same way osama is the "spiritual leader" of al-qaida, the same way the guardian council in Iran are the "spiritual leaders" of the Iranian state.

An Iranian Student (AIS) at March 24, 2004 03:53 AM [permalink]:

'human being',

Yassin was some'thing' like Hitler,Himmler or Khomeini, Gilaani and Khalkhali, Like Pol-pot or Stalin. Actually worse, he can be I guess only compared to Nazi war criminals in KZs or the worst of inhuman torturors inside dungeons of hizbollah in Tehran. He was an animal, actually lot worse. the world is a much cleaner place now that he no longer breathes.
I wonder why people like you only reserve their 'humanity' for such monsters. What about 3 year old children that were deliberately shot by sadist palestinian murderors who were under this creature's command? What about Iranian 9 year old girls who are raped or sold by the like of this paralyzed junk everyday? Where the fuck is your compassion in tyhose places, huh?!
It is because of 'angels' like you that those pests can roam around and continue their crimes so freely, so if you have nothing meaningful to spill from your mouth, just SHUTY THE FUCK UP!

human being at March 24, 2004 11:41 AM [permalink]:

“the world is a much cleaner place now that he no longer breathes”

Using your own logic, the world still needs cleaning since there are still people like you, sick in their mind.

“What about 3 year old children that were deliberately shot by sadist palestinian murderors who were under this creature's command? What about Iranian 9 year old girls who are raped or sold by the like of this paralyzed junk everyday? Where the fuck is your compassion in tyhose places, huh?!”

I just refer you to Mr. Mostashari’s article “America’s short-term memory dilemma” Why the f*** you close your f**** eyes on atrocities committed else where then?

I don’t think killing Israelis, Palastinians, Spaniards, Iraqis or anyone else would solve any problem. As long as there are sick and stupid people like you, we are going to see more blood to be shed. Do you think by killing Yassin, all the Palestinian/Israeli problems would be solved? It would radicalize both societies more and more and in its turn, this is going to affect other countries in the Middle East first and then the rest of the world, deep into their bones. There will be more Bin Ladens and Yassins popping up every where in the world and it won’t be easy for Israel to assassinate them. Just look at the reaction in the Islamic countries, places like Turkey, Indonesia… I see that Bin Laden will have no problem recruiting more people.

Ron at March 24, 2004 01:08 PM [permalink]:

Human Being,

I don’t think anyone is suggesting that by killing Yassin, all the Palestinian/Israeli problems will be solved. Israel recognizes that in the short term it will actually lead to more problems. I agree that killing terrorists will not solve the problem, but it is still a necessary measure until the problems are solved politically. Yassin declared himself that A.) he will never recognize Israel’s right to exist, and will work to destroy it, and B) he is not open to negotiations on the matter. This makes him not a human being who is able to reason, but a machine that is programmed to kill. Given this, I have a simple question. How would you suggest Israel should have dealt with Yassin?

An Iranian Student (AIS) at March 24, 2004 10:30 PM [permalink]:

Fantastic analysis of the killing of Saint Yassin.

An Iranian Student (AIS) at March 29, 2004 05:20 PM [permalink]:

A must read for anybody in doubt (or otherwise) of the nature of Islamist animals in Iran or Palestine or elswhere.
Who rules Iran?

(Especially recommended for that....who considers himself a 'human being'! It is because of the likes of him 25 years ago that Iran is what it is today....)

naive at March 29, 2004 09:27 PM [permalink]:
This is for those who want us to believe nuclear energy is safe and OK! Sorry I still do not know how to hyper link. By David Francis from Christian Science Monitor (of all places!) After nuclear's meltdown, a cautious revival It was the near-disaster that scared a nation. A quarter century ago this week, a nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island underwent a partial meltdown. No one was killed and only a small amount of radioactivity escaped. But since that time, no American utility has dared to build a brand new nuclear power plant. But the accident near Middletown, Pa., has faded from public memory. And power blackouts, rising natural-gas prices, and concerns about greenhouse gases have changed public attitudes. Here and there, the nuclear industry is beginning to stir. Today, a fifth of the United States' electricity comes from 103 commercial nuclear reactors. The most visible evidence of new interest remains invisible to most. "It's hard to tell from the outside," says William Baxter, one of three directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority. But inside TVA's massive concrete plant in Browns Ferry, Ala., a $1.8 billion construction project is under way to modernize and upgrade a reactor that hasn't been operating for nearly 20 years. If the project is completed by 2007, as expected, Unit I of Browns Ferry would become America's first nuclear power unit brought online in the 21st century. Meanwhile, Chicago-based Exelon has been buying up nuclear plants to become the largest operator of nuclear power in the nation. As its plants have reached the end of their regulatory life, the company has successfully convinced the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to renew the licenses. In all, Exelon and other utilities have received 20-year license extensions for 23 plants and are seeking renewal for 19 other reactors. In 2000, Exelon bought Three Mile Island with its remaining undamaged unit still churning out power and the damaged unit still "cooling down" - gradually losing radioactivity - within its protective containment building. The NRC operating license for Unit 1 at Three Mile Island is good until 2014. If all goes well, that license could be extended 20 years, notes Craig Nesbit, a company spokesman. The shuttered plant could remain until the end of that period and then be dismantled. Along with two other utilities, Exelon is also testing out a new NRC "early site-permit application" for a new plant. In Exelon's case, it's making the application for a new plant at its existing Clinton nuclear power station in central Illinois. The procedures regarding safety and environment could take 2-1/2 years. That application doesn't mean Exelon has firmly decided to build the first new nuclear plant since the Three Mile Island accident. Exelon first would have to see a new plant, perhaps costing $2 billion for two units, as economically feasible. "We are not there yet," says Mr. Nesbit. "It's not likely for a few years." The business case for nuclear power is getting easier to make. Within recent years, existing nuclear power plants have become desirable sources of electricity because of their relatively reliable production of emission-free, low-cost power. According to Mr. Baxter, TVA nuclear power costs 2.5 cents per kilowatt hour, compared to 4.5 cents for coal and 6 cents for natural gas. "We are laying the foundational work with an eye for a new order in three or four year ["Toooo long!" editors say, "Here: click to read the whole thing!"]
An Iranian Student (AIS) at March 30, 2004 05:09 PM [permalink]:

I have now recurrent nightmares of the consequences of atomic mullahs. Even that retarded moron Khomeini knew when he said they couldn't even run a bakery. What kind of management will those reactors have. Nuclear pollution is one thing we were lacking, but Allah is merciful and grants what his 'elite' ask him.
This is however the least of our problems.
When the first American city is flattened by a terrorist's dirty nuke bomb, Iran will most probably go under a NUCLEAR RETALIATION!
Read The next threat for example.

Here is also an article I linked to, a couple of months ago. It's good for refreshing our memories:
Three Conjectures

The irony is that when that catastrophy happens, it will be also among many of the present day idiot "peace" activists and leftists in North America or Europe, that the demand for our bloods will be heard.

This also explains why I already consider that Egyptian Al-Baradei,almost a criminal.

PS. since I linked there already, here are even better analysis of the recent pesticide by Israel:
here and here.

AIS (Another Iranian Student) at March 30, 2004 06:14 PM [permalink]:

“Support for a popular uprising against the theocracy in Iran has been part of the plan all along, and maybe it will still happen. If it does it will probably start out of nowhere, a butterfly flapping its wings in Isfahan, leading to a great storm that brings down the mullahs and restores freedom to the Iranian people…”

AIS, Why don’t you go and lead the second revolution if you have the balls? You are a fool baba! Instead of telling us about the Persian culture and how it was raped by the invasion of Arabs, be a second Fereydoon and overthrow the Arabic Zahhak!! You just BS my friend!
As for the terrorist getting nukes and Iran being blamed for it, I should draw your majesty’s attention to a piece of news which was published in Metro and I had seen it before in a Spanish newspaper! They were from different sources and both were claiming that al Qaeda has Ukrainian nukes! There was also a report a few years ago by Hans Blix stating that Russia and Ukraine’s account of their nuclear arsenal does not match with their current arsenal and there was a great concern that they might be in the hands of dangerous people, including the terrorists!
You are so much into your own stupid fantasies that you don’t realize how complicated things are!
Also read this report
“Israeli intelligence services have been strongly criticized by a parliamentary inquiry for not properly assessing potential threats from Iraq and Libya”
As long as Israel has foolish friends like you, it does not need an enemy! :)
Ezzat ziad baba!

Yaghoob Yazid at March 30, 2004 11:11 PM [permalink]:

Another Iranian Student?!!!


Avalandesh, if you are paranoid this does not mean that there is no one out there to get you!! Sheerfahm! or ....fahm!

If Israel and the US are paranoid this does not mean that there is nobody out there to do some harm to their rear!

But why are not you joojeh hezbollahis whose ass we kicked near meedoon Mohseni, along with a handful soosools of Mirdamad do not talk about Mr. Gaddafi, who got all the money and help from the Mullahs and now has put a big shaft in the rear of all the Jihadist fighters of Islam!!!

Yes, he lost the monopoly over the previously lucrative terrorism, but now he will sell oil in billions of dollars "legitimately"!!!!

Now go and cry joojeh Baseejee Hezbollahi because all the policies of your "Afatabeh" diplomats and rulers are engaged in nothing but a handful of "t-o-feh sar baalaa" policies. Some one is going to drink the Jaameh Zahr this time again, especially when "you foofools stop producing centrifuges to gain the world community's trust,...hmmm, I thought everybody know that America is the Great Satan and you are all good and naanaaz!

So stop crying and go and challenge your dads to have balls and stand against the World’s biggest Devils,…Why? Aren’t you the ones who are ready to get yourself martyred??!! Yes, you are, happy forty-some with the virgins in Behesht (paradise), I wonder if other residents are allowed to watch the show there or they are all busy!!!

Ajoreh Deevaretoonim,

Daash YaaYaa (from Nasi Abad, son of the Molavi Looti, Daash Reza gholdoreh Meydoon Ghazvini)

An Iranian Student (AIS) at March 31, 2004 01:14 AM [permalink]:

Another Iranian Student,

I hardly know what to tell to you. Only because I am not a super hero who is ready to sacrifice his life in a super comic-strip fashion doesn't mean that I shouldn't express my thoughts when I think it is useful to share it with others. The major reason we are in this mess today is because there was and is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation and nonsense among us and our culture.If not,why would our parents jump into streets like a bunch of braindead retarded zombies 25 years ago and hail an animal like Khomeini and his gang all of the sudden, when as far as their social situationa dn freedoms were concerend they had the best in centuries compared to their past generation? Why?! Can you explain this to me? Can't you see that our major problem is that we really haven't made up our minds as to which side we belong and were we stand in the world as a nation? Who our friends are and who our damned enemies?
Courage is one thing we need, (and many like me don't have it, OK? satisfied?) but that is not enough. It also needs to be accompanied by understanding and analysis. Is that so hard for you people to grasp? There has been extraordinary courage in our history. just read about Sattarkhan for example, or others including, I would say, Reza shah himself. There is a lot of courage nowadays as well among better people than me. But why is it that we are in such pit despite all that, huh?
Besides, the correct attitude is to accept more and more participation in any possible manner, instead of expecting ultra-heroism from everyone or else shunning them away.
And I wonder why people like you don't see the need to respond to idiots who openly or covertly ,under humanitarian excuses, support the thugs that rule Iran, their likes everywhere else and the pathetic desert ideology that they support in every possible manner? Where are you then?
Brave people like our Ramezoon Yakhi are pushing the limits all the time in Iran. Why don't YOU join them?

Alqaeda already having the nukes? Rubbish! If they had, somehwhere was up in smoke already. If they claim it, it is their propaganda campaign. Only idiots would believe those claims now.

As for Iran's role in any future terrorist attack, you missed the point all together.It is irrelevant whether Alqaeda can also get it from the russian black market or not. Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism, got it? Seeing Iran as directly responsible would be American POLICY, wise-guy (or gal)! Do you understand that? Do you really?
You better wise up! (and start that with showing some originality in your choice of acronym.)

Ramezioon Yakhi,
For a non-Mirdamad-soosool, your English is perfect buddy!

An Iranian Student (AIS) at March 31, 2004 03:53 AM [permalink]:

Sorry I should have said Yaghoob Yazid instead of Ramezoon Yakhi. (But you are the same guy aren't you?)

Since I'm writing this let me add that the war we are in is on all fronts and should be fought on all fronts. Alhough many still fool themselves with cliams like what the mullahs are doing is just for the money, this is not true. Just remember that there is mafia everwhere else ande none of them needs to take out eyeballs, stone women or torture students. The 'money' allegation that people usually hide behind is partly due to leftist influence who didn't have the mental ability to conceieve of anything else becaus eof its founding dogma, and partly because by searching for real causes they have to confront their own dark spots (just take all the conspiracy theories for example.) The main ground of Islamism is their worldview and philosophy. To oppose it you must have an alternative explanation for all they say and brainwash with, capito?

Also it is only after such 'talks and no actions' like the ones here against still foolish and gullible doubts as to the very nature of their evil WORLDVIEW, that more people will start demanding action now...not before it.

An Iranian Student (AIS) at April 1, 2004 12:18 AM [permalink]:

To all super "human being"s out there:
"Examples of Humanity"

Where is your 'humanity' now?! Stunned by the glory of 'freedom fighters'like your Palestinian brothers and not functioning anymore?!

I'm in awe of the degree of civilisation! In AWE!

An Iranian Student (AIS) at April 1, 2004 02:35 PM [permalink]:

"A previously unknown group claimed the gruesome killing of four US contractors in Fallujah, western Iraq, in revenge for Israel's assassination of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.
"This is a gift from the people of Fallujah to the people of Palestine and the family of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin who was assassinated by the criminal Zionists," said in the statement from the "Brigades of Martyr Ahmed Yassin."

Oh...that 'poor old paralyzed man(?)'...oh those 'freedom' fighters in Palestine and the Muslim world...Oh our 'human being's here and there...oh!

Here are more pictures of the 'humane' act of Muslim brothers, in case you haven't seen them yet.

CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations)
Condemns the 'Mutilations' but not the Murders themselves. As they say nowadays, Allahoakbar!

Believer at April 1, 2004 08:21 PM [permalink]:

Dear AIS,

Since it seems that you are talking to your own imaginary audience I will make you some company. Who are you trying to convince? Other AIS ghosts? Lol.

I have this article that will feel like a slap in the face and possibly bring down the foundations of your AISism ideology. Ohhh so sorry!

"Slap in the Face!"

Some of the quotes in advance:

"Threatening Iran militarily would be suicidal for the US"

This one is sooo funny, perfect for you!!

"misinformation from Iranian dissidents, who represent only themselves in Los Angeles."


By the way, judging from your delusional and higly irrational yelps they show symptoms of hypochondriac state. You might wanna check that out with the doctor.


An Iranian Student (AIS) at April 1, 2004 11:25 PM [permalink]:

Wow Believer!

I am utterly crushed under the strength of thy mighty arguments and thy divine will that is surely inspired by the word in thy right hand and the sword in thy left. (mmm...or the opposite..whatever)

Pray tell me, are you also one of the 'basiGH'? Do you also happen to reside in one 'of the three islands under Iranian OCCUPATION', Y'know, the ones in 'THE Gulf'? Is that how you come to know of this arab's article?

What is it I saw at the end of that astounding analysis:
"Youssef M. Managing Director of the Dubai-based Strategic Energy Investment Group..."
It is evidently my 'hypochondriac state' again that yet reminds me of This :
" (The Foundation for the Dispossessed,ie. Bonyad-e mostaz'afan) had purchased interest in more than 80 foreign, mainly European and Persian Gulf, companies. These are run by branches in Dubai and Vienna. Banks owned by the foundation control almost a quarter of all banking business in Dubai..."

Now, my worthy opponent, of course you realize that after that master stroke on your part I have no other choice but to retaliate by an equally strong response of my own: BANG!

In case you are flattened, refresh your soul and get energy again to continue your Jahad by reminding yourself of the eternal prize you are sacrificing your life for over here:
Soul freshner

Pooya at April 2, 2004 11:39 AM [permalink]:

Hey AIS,
Could you please F*** off and spare us from your nonsense?
I personally believe that you should be sent to where wessie was sent! Now that I think of it she was so ruthless with you! As if morbid creatures can actually sense the stink of their like-minded fellows very well but on the other hand their own smell doesn’t seem to bother them at all.
You attack every one who does not agree with you and label them as terrorists, exactly like what your friend wessie was doing, calling people including yourself an Islamic backward and terrorist.
By writing more of your nonsense you just display your stupidity in public.

Yaghoob Yazid at April 2, 2004 12:39 PM [permalink]:


Please cool down!

Avalandesh, It is so na-looti to ask someone to F*** off.

Dovomandesh, if you guys really have some harfeh hesab keep saying without dirtifying your "holy" mouths! Although, some ghosl cleans everything, doesn't it!!!

Sevomandesh, I just want to know how come nobody is talking about Gaddafi, who has so sodomoized everybody in the world of Islam!!

Oh yes, those who have to f*** off are the rulers of Iran who have screwed a people with stupid promises for more than a generation and just look how a few of their window bursary kids in Yengeh Donya keep apple polishing (or rubbing their balls) at every possible instance! Dameh oon freedom of speech garm!

Don't be upset, you still have the power!

Charomandesh, with a bounch of aftabeh policies obviously get a bounch of aftabeh comments from a bounch joojeh hezbollahi who do not know what to do with a tofeh sar baalaa that is all over their poor faces!!! Pakesh-koon daashdaash, and if anything went wrong, WHO cares?

Regardless of what is happening in Iraq, why are not we talking about of the executions that the regime has been committing in the name of preserving the NEZAM! Why aren't we talking about Zahra Kazemi?

Because a bounch of joojeh panjerehyee are receiving support from their mullah pashmedin arbabs to F*** people off!

Wait! Our time will come and then we will show you who has to F*** off! Until then just tell us why beside wasting people's money, you keep making yourself "Zaayeh"??

What is the next move? Building a small warhead and then apologizing for being lunitics???

Yeah, we know who has the ball and who has not!!

Jaameh Zahr Yaadetoon Naredaa!!!

Zoghaaleh Manghaletooneem,

Yaghoob Yazideh Nasi Abadi

PROUD BASEEJI at April 2, 2004 05:04 PM [permalink]:

Dear AIS,

Very revealing fact comes from analizing your grammar and some of the references you give. First the link you dedicate me BANG! precisely reflects a juvenile mind and sheer immaturity, something I had suspected. By the way how old are you?

Second, the shrills that emmanate from this guillible soft mind trying to cope with world events are represented in the descombulated manner of your grammar and bizarre collage-like composition of sources.

It is not even a decent level of rhetoric, nor some sort of quality stream of unconcious prose. So the only option left, as Pooya suggested labeling nonesense, is the manifestation of pure chaos.


Are you sure you are an AIS and not an AZS (a zionist student) infiltrated? Because you need bone-up on Iranina history!

+Those islands belong to Iran, as Bahrain belongs to Iran.

+Is there anything wrong to own businesess in Dubai? I'm for it, it demostrates the intelligence and cunninnes of the Islamic Republic in expaning its financial capital. Don't you think? Try to think about it kiddo.

+All the links you give regarding the Islamic Republic are either zionist diseminating misinformation or articles straight up from the zionist entity.

How come an Iranian is so fixated and intimate with Zionist propaganda?

If not you are the paradigm of zionist experiment, they have achieved in transforming your naive brain upside down in order to interpret all reality according to their interests.

In this case I suggest you to undertake serious self-introspection and soul-searching.

Good luck... whatever you are!

Hasta la vista ninyato, que eres un pardillo!


Pooya at April 2, 2004 06:28 PM [permalink]:


AIS usually posts articles from far right Israeli newspapers. I know quite a few Israelis and it seems to me that most of them disagree with Sharon’s policies. Most of the people that I know are politically very mature and aware of the complexities in the ME.

Ron at April 3, 2004 01:22 AM [permalink]:


It's true there are many Israelis who disagree with Sharon. But Israel is a democracy, so by definition most Israelis must agree with him to put him in office. Also, Jerusalem Post isn't a "far right" paper. It is right of centre, but its editorial slant is very secular and very critical of religious groups. There are much better examples of "far right". There is also a well known phenomenon in Israel, which is that most people lean left (most of the work force in unionized) but vote right simply out of fear. That is, while they don't necessarily agree with Sharon, it makes sense to vote for a General in time of war.

An Iranian Student (AIS) at April 3, 2004 01:50 AM [permalink]:
Baseeji, believer,pooya and the rest of your lot, I have extracted enough from you to make my points (and to be honest it was sort of fun, in a perverse manner), so from now on you shall hear nothing from me brothers, except [silence] that is the response you deserve, as we say in Iran. (In the meanwhile since most people of intelligence here write under their own names and thus will refrain from commenting back to you, enjoy the free band while your masters are still in power) ------------------------ Here I want to draw some conclusions from the responses so far (it's gonna be a long one so be warned!): First of all it is good that we know some people are posting under different names, and that their true islamic nature is so easily provoked despite their efforts to hide behind what they think is speaking 'intellectually'. One of our baseeji entities writes: "First the link you dedicate me BANG! precisely reflects a juvenile mind and sheer immaturity, something I had suspected. By the way how old are you?" Patriarchy as usual. It implies that others who are not fooled are just 'saghir' (children needing guardianship), and it also implies that children are essentially stupid and not to be taken seriously. This then is extended to the youth who are 'immature'. In the extreme cases, like darvishes and sufis, the master is 'pir' ie. Old. Anything youthful with life and energy is taboo, a danger and has to be ridiculed or if necessary disposed of. see here as well. He continues: "Are you sure you are an AIS and not an AZS (a zionist student) infiltrated?" The usual 'zionist' lable. The 'looloo khorkhoreh' technique of all despots and/or ideological tyrannies. hooo, who can stand such a horrible accusation, eh? the usual response to this has always been more or less denial. However that doesn't do the whole thing enough justice. The really correct response should be: " What if I am? What is so horribly wrong with being a 'Zionist' (or Capitalist, Jew, Freemason or a memeber of other real or imaginary secret societies,....) anyway?" It is a taboo, that's all. But let's see what is implied in these cases: By being a 'zionist' etc, you are acting on the (usually materialistic, but that's another story now) interests of another group. Hence you will act to the disadvantage of your own people. The first problem with this mentality is that it excludes the case where two different groups can have common interests. But OK, they can not always have the same interests or else they would be the same group, wouldn't they? Fine, but then you must show exactly where the line from mutual interest is crossed in favor of one and the disadvantage of the other. How can you do that, except by analyzing the actions and words of the people? But then, whether the people under question belong to these mysterious groups or not is irrelevant! What is relevant is the actions and words themselves; if they are useful coming from zionists, so what? if they are harmful, what difference does it make if they come from 'evil others' or from our own fools? The only reasonable objection to this is that in parctice it is not always possible to discern things in advance in every single act or word. that is true, but what I was saying was not IN PRACTICE, but taking the case to its logical limit to show a principle. In practice we don't have 'secret groups' or 'evil zionists' who have nothing else to do in their lives but to plot perfect malignant conspiracies to harm us. ["Toooo long!" editors say, "Here: click to read the whole thing!"]
An Iranian Student (AIS) at April 3, 2004 08:44 PM [permalink]:

Just one more thing I forgot (as usual):
To the Islamist cattle here- Please keep your mouth shut when it comes to considering what is an IRANIAN thing to do.
The present head of judiciary of Iran is an Iraqi arab mullah : Seyyed Mahmoud Hashemi Araghi.
It is not a rumor. I can provide proof from this regime itself:
Anyone who is in Iran or has access there can go to Book City (Shahr-e Ketab). (I went to the central branch in Zartosht Street, first floor, Iranian children books):
There is a series called "Tarikh-e Enghelab baraye kudakaan va nojavanaan" (The history of Islamic revolution in Iran for children and young adults)
Book 11 of the series, covering 1365 (1986-7) by the title of 'Mowj-e FM" (FM Frequency).
Page 64, last sentence:
It talks about 'Majles-e a'laaye enghelab-e aragh' (the high council of revolution in Iraq), comprised of IRAQI opposition forces residing in Iran. The last sentence identifies the two people at the head of this council: Seyyed Mahmoud Hashemi and Mohammad Bagher Hakim. (who got killed in Iraq some months ago)
On page 65 on the left corner is a picture of Hashemi who today is the head of judiciary of Iran.
Under this ISLAMIC system, an Iraqi arab orders death sentences, executions, torture, mutilation stoning, taking out eye bulbs and cutting hands and feet of my people.
So YOU of all the people just shut your filthy mouths and keep it SHUT.

Yaghoob Yazid at April 3, 2004 11:38 PM [permalink]:
Daash AIS: Ghorbooneh oon sheeree keh t-o ro khord. If you did not say gol you said sombol, whose another connotation is good for the rear of joojeh hezbollahi's who are studying with the stolen money of the barobachehayeh Molavi, Estakhr, Karoon, hawsshemi, Qazvin, Azari, Aramgah, and more importantly Nasi Abad down to Dolat Abad and Khaki Seefeed. Now it is your daash’s turn! Besmellah! It is amazing that when almost one-sixth of Iran just lives there, in joonoobshahr, and when our JAANBAAZ brothers who have virtually fucked by the asshole thieves of Bonyadeh Mostazafan and former Rafiqdoost gang after years of stealing our money and ending up living in a two-bedroom in Evin, have the cowardly courage of speaking on the Internet to speak so loudly. NO ONE TALKS ABOUT YEARS OF THEFT THAT WERE COMMITTED IN THE NAME OF JONOOB SHAHR AND NOTHING IN THEN BUT A BIG ‘DASTEH’ (SHAFT) WAS GIVEN TO US! SHOULD I REMIND YOU OF THE THREE HUNDRED PEOPLE THAT YOU KILLED IN ESLAAM-SHAHR?!!? (HADDEH-AGHAL OON KHODABIYAMORZ AGEH MIKOSHT MEEGOFT MAN SHAHAM!, SHOOMAA HAA CHEE!!!) You idiot who claims to be a Proud Basiji, keep screaming as if you are cleaning your Soviet style sheeshlool with your rear. Yeah, you keep accusing the AIS, with your other no-nor brethrens of resorting to Zionists! Everyone knows that your bloody Hammaas was PARTLY set up by SOME involvement of the Israeli security. FURTHERMORE have you forgotten that Mr. MacFarlane came to Iran and you naalooties got weapons that you paid for through ISRAEL! You are all Zionists, all of you! Everyone knows that you have sleeping with them one way or another for a long time! NOT TO MENTION YOUR GOOD RELATIONS WITH THE BRITISH EMPIRE! If it were not because of Israel how you idiot could have made a case that you even deserve to exist! You give our money to the Hezbollaheh Lebanon pay for their Martyr families when our Jaanbaaz brothers and their families are left without proper jobs and support! BESHKANEH OON DAST KEH NAMAK NADAAREH! And indeed it is broken, people are still dying from the chemical effects of Majnoon and Hoveyzeh and you assholes do not even pay for them. Don't worry, I am not saying that all of the money is just going to the Arab bastards of Lebanon, they pay BACHEH SOOSOOLS like you to go and Study in the US or Western Europe, whatever JAHANAM DAREH that you are in, in Sabz (US Dollar),to tell us to shut up too!!!! How old were you when our daashaa were getting electricuted around the marshes of Hoorolhoveyzeh???? Now go and lick the rear of Osama Bin Laden as well please, because we all know you are all left with a shaft down deep in your rears and do not know what do with it, you know why? Because on that shaft it is written "MADE IN LIBYA!" You do not even have the stomach to see that your former 'rafigh-rofagh' such as Karoobi and darodasteh, Mohtashami and darodasteh, and Abdi, Asgharzadeh, Hajariyaan and others (who used to HUNT POOR PEOPLE LIKE US) WIN A PITIFUL ELECTION! YOU ARE CHEATERS; YOU CHEAT EVEN AGAINST YOUR OWN KIND! SHAME ON YOU! IS THIS THE LOOTIGARI OF ALI AND HOSSEIN? NO, YOUR GUARDIAN COUNCIL SHOULD BE CALLED THE COUNCIL OF AMRO-AAS!!! YOU ARAB-WANNA BEs who have occupied our country and are wasting our money in all ways, you will pay for it and before then we will make sure that you will be forced to take refuge to the same Great Satan on whose skirts you are studying with our money NOW!! Daash AIS, zendehbaashi, Feeteeleyeh Ch ["Toooo long!" editors say, "Here: click to read the whole thing!"]
An Iranian Student (AIS) at April 4, 2004 11:12 PM [permalink]:
I just read my last comment and wanted to make something clear. It was not meant against Arabs in general. God knows that our own mullahs are worse than most people on this planet. But it was meant as a response to those who use such techniques against others. And this particular arab of course is a criminal and an animal like his Iranian mullah brothers and only a regime as corrupt as these could have put an outsider criminal over another nation's civilans. Yaghoob Yazid, The arms deal between Iran and Israel in the early years of the war is a reality well known. But caling this regime as an undercover zionist is yet another nonsense conspiracy theory. We should finally wake up from this sort of thing for good. Both the mullahs and Saddam were threats and Western policy was,and Israel was a Western ally AND fighting for her existence, to help them weaken each other. This is simple usual politics everywhere and we should learn it. We are the ones who should take care of ourselves in the first place, THEN we can expect help from others. Remember that in the previous regime where we had good relations with Israel, she was a very good ally for us in all respects. This is not nice, but the way the world of our time works and by following blurry eyed idealisms we won't make it a bit better but worse. When the previous generation commits such a stupid revolution, when they went around shouting death to America nd Israel and when a regime came to power that wanted to export revolutions elsewhere, this is the way they keep such an outlaw regime in bonds. Sad but true. And this will continue to happen to us until we can follow a sensible politics again. There is another side to this as well. If Israel hadn't destroyed the Iraqi Nuclear plant, you could have bet ya that Saddam was mad enough to have used an A-bomb against us in that war. Ofcourse Israel did that for her own sake and not ours, but yet again it was for the benefit of everyone. Saddam was also following his interests, howcome one was to our benefit and the other to our distruction? This is the realistic citeria for choosing your friends and allies. It is the same thing with the US. She follows her won interests,as do all other nations. That is what a nation should do. So did USSR, so do EU, China and our mullahs. The real difference is that why for example the USSR following her interests ALWAYS meant the subjugation of other nations and her own, why EU interests usually means dealing with tyrannies, not to control them mind you, but to gain commercial interests to compensate for their lack of productivity and their corrupt politicians, while for the USA in most cases it meant and means the liberation of other people as well. Neither are saints or angels, but only fools will expect that in our world any way. An example could be the Allies treatment of Concentration camps during the WWII. they knew it existed and people were being killed everyday, but that was not their strategic concern and they did nothing about it. It was not a nice thing, but a realistic thing. And they were the allies of all Nazi victims despite that. Most Jews attitude afterwards was also that of an ally. We should also learn from this. having said all of this, I personally think that arms deal with the mullahs was a dark spot in Israel's history (Israel also has quite some!) and Israelis will have to come in terms with it. Maybe our Israeli friends here can comment on that. Anyway, we should have op ["Toooo long!" editors say, "Here: click to read the whole thing!"]
An Iranian Student (AIS) at April 5, 2004 05:43 PM [permalink]:

As for the mullahs ties to the British Empire, well there is no doubt that ties exist. As far as I know that began with the East Indian Company and its trading routes. However again this is extremely exaggerated and has become a cultivating field of conspiracy theories of its own (particular to the Iranians).
The truth is that British Empire does not exist anymore! Has not been in existence for a long time now. Britain is a torn country between being a satelite of the US or part of the EU. And there is a WAR going on between EU and the US, and EU has already chosen its allies the molsems. In a sense it had no choice, because collaborating with Islamists is the only way it can try to save herself from their wrath. The roles are reversed than what you say. British traditional links with the mullahs is just one of the resorts Britain is desperately using in her uncomfortable sitaution today. Take a look at here , here and here.

And for some thoughts of how it came to be like this and what might follow:
here and here as well.

We in Iran should be very attentive to all of this. If this view is correct,and if we cn ever be able to free ourselves from this regime, we can move forward very rapidly, since we are vaccinated against this desease in the past 25 years. Ours is just physical enslavement now, theirs is spiritual.

question at April 9, 2004 07:03 PM [permalink]:

Hebrew speaking fellows:

What is the meaning of "Hag sameach"? does "hag means god?

Ron at April 11, 2004 02:26 PM [permalink]:

Hag means holiday, Sameach means happy. Hag Sameach = Happy Holiday

question (whatever!) at April 11, 2004 03:59 PM [permalink]:

Thanks for your answer. I got an email from an Israeli person whom I know and he ended his email with that phrase, I thought it meant goodbye or something but after reading your answer it came to my mind that last Monday was the beginning of the Passover holidays! Hope you had a happy Passover, Hag Sameach!

Ron at April 12, 2004 12:59 AM [permalink]:

Thank you sir, my Passover was lovely. Although if I eat one more piece of matza I believe I'll have to puke. In case you don't know what matza is, it's what we have to substitute for bread during the holiday. It's dry and flat, and only slightly more tasty and nutritious than the cardboard box it is packaged in.

Ultra Baseeji at April 13, 2004 04:59 PM [permalink]:


lol :-) :-) ;-)

Enshallah so the country will be very strong and nobody will mess with us.

Ultra Baseeji

An Iranian Student (AIS) at April 18, 2004 12:08 AM [permalink]:

Yet another mass murderor, Rantissi the new head of Hamas, brought to justice. Just dropped in to express my congratulations yet again. :)

Ron at April 18, 2004 04:46 PM [permalink]:

During the Passover ceremony I attended last week, I reflected on the part of the ritual where we spill a drop of wine for each plague that God inflicted on the Egyptians. As we read each plague in turn, we spill a drop from our glass to remind ourselves that while the Egyptians were our enemies, they were also God's children, and that we should not rejoice that their blood was spilled. Likewise, in the modern day, Israel kills its enemies out of necessity, and as good Jews we should not be overly joyful at their death, lest we forget the true value of human life.

An Iranian Student (AIS) at April 18, 2004 06:35 PM [permalink]:
Ron, My rejoice is not because a human being is killed but because justice is done and that many many more innocent human beings will not be killed because of this man. It is true that in the bigger picture he and the likes of him are also in a sense victims of the darkness that takes over the soul. I always picture these kind of people, like Khomeini or Hitler... in their childhood and that they also once looked to the world with innocent eyes full of life and curiousity. Now that you mentioned Egypt, I know part of the tradition where Angels are rejoicing after the Pharaoh's army is drowned. God turns to them and says 'why do you rejoice? Part if my children drowned today.' But as mere mortals priorities must be set. We are not Gods and there is a limit to our abilities. The choice is almost always between bad and worse. Sometimes there is just too much evil in such people. When the likes of this man, the very likes of this man actually, forced teenage girls who were arrested as political activists in Iran, forced them to become 'sighe' (temporary wives) then raped them to be able to execute them according to shari'a, when they tear people apart in their dungeons because of their different beliefs or when they seduce 12-14 year old boys with sex in the afterlife to carry out a suicide attack... when this is the level they have sunk to, the extermination of these people is a good thing, worthy of congratulation. Sometimes you just have to strike. My congratulations is for the memory of past victims (Israeli and Palestinian...and Iranian); and future (potential) victims that will live when without such men peace and freedom will finally come. -------------- You mentioned Matza. This is completely off track but I can't help it, it is just so interesting! Matza is the word for the 'powder' or something like that, from which bread is made... right? Now it is believed that the word 'mass', as in Church masses, in English coming all the way from Latin and Greek comes from the same word for bread. Also since in Aristotelian World, matter is something whose essence is formless spatial extension and since such 'bread powders' are the best the ancients could envisage to denote this abstract idea , the word mass is used as 'quantity of matter' in physics. (Actually in modern usagge it denotes not just spatial extension but also inertia, that's why in Newton's work it is defined as volume times density). Now the word for extension in Arabic is 'madd' that can be found in words like 'emtedad', 'momedd' or 'medad'.... It is also believed that this word comes also from the same root as Matza. later Islamist Philosophists, who consisted of many Iranians by the way and who were almost completely Aristotelian, coined the word 'maddeh' for material from the same root, that is used in everyday Persian and I think also Arabic. The other word used in Persian and Arabic for the substance with which one makes bread (and anything like that that can be shaped into forms) is 'khamir'. Now as you surely know, the word chosen in modern Hebrew to denoted matter (and its philosophical derivatives like materialism or materialist, materialize...) is 'khomer'!! Fascinating! -------------- BTW. I noticed I spelled murderer as 'murderor'. My spelling is need of improvement ofcourse, but in this case there was a subconscious connection. Nowadays I alway think of ME and the Islamic world in general as 'MORDOR' (in 'Lord of the Rings'). Interesting to share the sub ["Toooo long!" editors say, "Here: click to read the whole thing!"]
Ron at April 19, 2004 01:34 AM [permalink]:

Believe me, AIS, I didn’t mean to give an impression that I shed a tear for Yassin and Rantissi. I believe, like you do, that removing them from this earth is the only moral thing to do. I just wanted to emphasize that taking a life should be done out of necessity after careful, rational judgement, and not from feelings of revenge and anger.

That said, I have to express my shock and disbelief at the moral judgement of so many people on this planet. What kind of logical process must take place in the mind of a person to result in anger at Israel for killing these men? How can someone, in all sincerity, call this “state terrorism”? Does anyone else feel like this when they read the BBC or am I the crazy one?

Thanks for your reply AIS; your linguistic skills are matched only by your moral clarity, both of which are sorely lacking in this world.

An Iranian Student (AIS) at April 19, 2004 02:53 AM [permalink]:
Thanks Ron for the kind words. :) I am also extremely depressed by the unbelievable hypocracy that dominates today (and perhaps has always dominated?. I mean just look at the hypocracy that condemns such actions against these terrorists but at the same time tries to nail the Bush administration of not having done exactly the same thing against Ben Laden prior to 9/11, and that in the middle of this war against terror! Just look at the hypocracy that calls the US administration 'Nazi's, but turns a blind eye over the atrocities done in Iran, or even worse who consider Iran as 'moving towards democracy'! It is disgusting! But believe me, many ordinary Iranians are beginning to feel this hypocracy in the world. Many of them have no way of expressing it or letting their opinon be heard, or lack the 'intellectualism' to be taken seriously. Instead a minority of pathetic, mainly lefty self-acclaimed Iranian 'intellectuals', many of whom residing in the West they seemingly sooo despise, continue in their garbage rantings, same filthy breath that led to this regime 25 years ago as just one by product, with no feeling of shame! and that is what the outside world usually hears of Iranians because they are the usual loud voices . In the past the very same rotten 'intellegentia' unfortunately has had a lot of influence on 'ordinary' Iranians because of the revernence the Iranians have felt towards the 'educated'....! I'm sorry. But every once in a while this has to be said in all its ugliness, just to make life bearable, you know....ooof! You want to see the degree of hypcracy, read about the REAl evil that goes absolutely un-noticed in the mob cries of "US, Israel and West's atrocities" that has deafened the world today. take a look here: Apostates in Islam None of these 'freedom lovers', 'super seculars' or 'peace and human rights activists' seem to give a sh*t (pardon my language) about this medieval inhumanity that is openly and shamelessly advocated by all,100 f***ing %, of Muslim groups the world over up to this very day! As someone who has had the misfortune of having been born a Muslim, I can only hope all those super 'human lovers' go directly to hell as long as they ignor this blatant bestiality! (And some of them include people here, some 'Iranian' students in the best US and Western Universitities studying the highest academic fields who have shamelessly supported this very 'apostate killings' and similar issues, like slavery for example, in this very thread while at the same time calling America a 'criminal state' and using the freedom of speech and hospitality and the educational chance given to them in the free world! The proof is on this website if any one cares to look! The degree of nauseating hypocracy and selfishness (and 'mind manipulation' as I told one them back in September 2003!) and this while many real, talented youth inside Iran literaly rot under the beasts from whose families many such 'students' originate in the first place, originate to come and enjoy the 'degenerate' West every once in a while! ...Don't start me on 'moral' degeneracy of the 'enlightened' my friend, or I could go on and on! AS for BBC, it SUCKS! Do you happen to know the propaganda mouth-piece role for Khomeini its farsi radio section used to play prior to the catastrophy of 1979 revolution? Stories can be told of BBC alone! Stories to fill more than 1001 nights! . . . Sorry for the fever! Sometimes the degree of silent injustice that we en ["Toooo long!" editors say, "Here: click to read the whole thing!"]
Islamic Republic of Iranium at April 22, 2004 05:22 PM [permalink]:

Dear AISS and Yahoodi Yazid,

For all those treasoners of Islamic Iran here is piece of information that will make swallow your filthy words like hard rock with spikes down your esophagous.

After reading this bright prospect of Islamic Iran and see the huge progress undergoing in the country under the Islamic rule in a relatively short period of time compare to the pathetic 70 years stone age rule of Punko Sha, whose greatest achievment was nothingness. So AISS how can you explain that Islamic Iran is doing successfully without your Satanic allies Zionist Entity and the Great Shaytan? If this news make make you reel like a squirming worm full of jealousy and envy my advice is that you go to sleep, loser.

"Iran's riches are tempting to companies and private investors. The country -- which, at 1.65 million square kilometers (637,069 square miles), is slightly smaller than Alaska -- holds 9 percent of oil reserves, second in the world behind Saudi Arabia. Iran also holds 15 percent of global natural gas deposits.

With two-thirds of Iran's 70 million people under age 30, THE COUNTRY'S APPETITE FOR CONSUMER GOODS IS BALLOONING. GDP WILL CLIMB 8 PERCENT THIS YEAR: the same rate as China and almost double the 4.6 percent rate in the U.S., the International Monetary Fund projects.

In 2003, the Tehran Stock Exchange All-Share Price Index more than doubled to 10879.87 compared with a 26 percent increase for the Standard & Poor's 500 Index. The market value of the 350 companies on the exchange rose 7 percent to $37 billion in the first three months of 2004. Automaker Iran Khodro Co.; Melli Investment Co., a unit of Bank Melli, Iran's biggest bank; and Kharg Petrochemical Co., the country's fifth-biggest company by market value, powered the gains.

European and Asian companies aren't bound by U.S.-style prohibitions against Iran -- and they're rushing to get a piece of the action. France's Total SA, Europe's No. 3 oil company, is in talks to construct a $2 billion liquefied natural gas plant. Alcatel SA, the world's second-biggest maker of telecommunications gear, is building Iran's phone system and supplying lines for high-speed Internet service.

In February, Japan's state-run oil company, Inpex Corp., and Osaka, Japan-based trading company Tomen Corp. agreed to spend $2.5 billion to develop the Azadegan oil field.


From "Rafsanjanis Are Iran's Power Brokers for Investors April 21 (Bloomberg)"


Islamic Republic of Iranium

P.D.: Hopefully your mental level allows to apprehend the pun in AISS ;-)

RESPONSE TO BASEEJEE JAFAREH KAZABS at April 22, 2004 06:15 PM [permalink]:
Dear Idiot Hezbollahis, apple polishers of corrups criminal Arab Wannabe Occupiers of Iran who study abroad with the money of the people who you are constantly raping by unconstitutional actions and your Amro-aas Guardian Council. The Director of Management and Planning Organization (MPO) for Social Affairs Majid Yarmand, in October 2002 said that that 15 percent of Iran's population live under the poverty line. He told IRNA that based on figures each urban household which earns less than rls 710,000 monthly and rural households earning less than rls 480,000 monthly is considered to live below the poverty line. He said income distribution although has improved since the victory of Islamic revolution in 1979 "has not changed markedly during the period." Economic growth does not necessarily lead to better income distribution or lower poverty, "unless is accompanied with a targeted system of subsidies as well as tax, and monetary and fiscal policies aiming at lowering poverty and improving income distribution. In a "normal" economic system, a two percent economic growth should lead to 1 percent to 1.5 percent lowering of poverty rate, the PMO official noted. He said that the figures released by the Iran Statistical Center (ISC) indicates that in the Iranian year of 1378 (1999-2000), the bottom 10 percent of the population earned two percent of the national income "while, the top 10 percent earned about 30 percent of the income." This means that the income gap between the top and the bottom 10 percent is 15-fold, which is similar to the rural areas, he said. The pivotal policies in poverty alleviation should be creation of equal opportunities and empowering the poor through training and employment creation programs, Yarmand said. On the government policies the fight poverty, he added that in the next year's budget over 1,000 billion which is equal to 16 percent of the current budget has been earmarked for social services. He also said that over 1.5 million household, of the total 13.5 million is under the coverage for various government-affiliated institutions. He said the World Bank has pledged a grant of USD 500,000 million for combating poverty. Maybe the wolrd bank should withdraw that money because we know that the Dozd Revolutionary Foundations that have replaced the Pahlavi foundation and are sucking our blood make almost twice as much pay no taxes and pour it to help Hezbolklah and other suckers. Also the World Bank is going to give a loan of USD 100 million to social welfare funds to be distributed through non-governmental organization (NGO) for social services and infrastructural projects. If we are so rich why have we become so GEDAA? Because our rulers are curropt Mr. Shemreh-bne-Joojeh Baseeji!!! Sheerfahm yaa ...fahm!!! But what make poverty worse is the unemployment rate. Earlier in September, Deputy Labor Minister for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Ali Yaqoubie said the number of jobless people in Iran stood at 3.2 million. He added that currently 150,000 university graduates are unemployed. Yaqoubie (maybe his real last name is Yahoodi!!) said that the economic growth rate of six percent as predicted for the Third Five-Year Development Plan (March 2000-March 2005) is not sufficient for generating 750,000 employment opportunities per year. Do you know why Mr. BEESAVAD BASEEJEEIEH KAZAAB? Because in order to create such a high number of employment opportunities, the economy has to gr ["Toooo long!" editors say, "Here: click to read the whole thing!"]
Check your at May 17, 2004 12:50 AM [permalink]:

Check your

Check your at May 17, 2004 12:58 AM [permalink]:

Check your

lipitor at May 23, 2004 06:07 PM [permalink]:

Thus spake the master programmer:
"You can demonstrate a program for a corporate executive, but you
can't make him computer literate."
-- Geoffrey James, "The Tao of Programming"

Butalbital at September 10, 2004 07:40 AM [permalink]:

Las piezas de mi adversario se mueven muy lentamente por el tablero preparando un ataque que, cuando llegue, será tan irresistible como repentino

Wellesley Girl at September 18, 2004 10:16 PM [permalink]:

Butalbital y Welbutrin,
¿Por qué escribe usted en el español cuando el foro es en inglés?

Spyware Removal at November 20, 2004 06:58 PM [permalink]:

Well, I have to agree... Thanks for posting these interesting informations!