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September 13, 2003

What is Left of the Dream?
Kaveh Khodjasteh  [info|posts]

towers.jpg Did 9/11 resurrect God from the dead? Will we ever be allowed to think rationally on how we think? Will philosophy (like poetry after Auschwitz) be called barbaric after 9/11? Is photography still an art after those photos that captured "the jumpers"? Will America be remembered as the land of the free? What is to be free?

Questions like this will be circulating in our minds for a while, if we believe to be conscious of our status in the world and tend to react to what we see, hear, and feel. We are shaken by the word "responsibility"; We are shaken even more by the word "doubt".

More questions then immediately follow: What is going on in my mind? What is going on in the mind of all those others? Why do we see different people as aliens? What is "difference"? Can it be quantified? Is it real? Is it diversity? Is it me and you and him? Is it the way we talk? Is it our God? Is it your God?

Then what is God? What is Good? What is evil? Who is the angel if "bin Ladan" is the demon? Do we need good and evil?

Can the answer be found in a book? Or books? Or computers? Can computers ever think? Can we ever think?

Where is the asymmetry coming from? The slave and the lord. The pious and the infidel. The rich and the poor. The wise and the ignorant. The Celebrities and the masses. The Cruise Missiles and the Taliban. The clean and the obscene. The man and the woman. Is there a common ground, that a new order could be built upon?

Is this a dream? Is anything left of this dream?

Saeed at September 13, 2003 11:57 AM [permalink]:

Sometimes answering a question degrades the "value" of the question. You had indeed several questions of this kind... Just another question:

Was it a place for thinking if symmetry wasn't broken? Does "symmetry" have a meaning if the world was "symmetric"? Do we celebrate justice if we never see injustice?

Babak S at September 13, 2003 12:18 PM [permalink]:

`The rich and the poor' make the world symmetric, guys! Lack thereof makes the world homogeneous. So it's not a matter of two-fold symmetry, but a matter of a far-too-many-fold homogeniety, which was broken from the day immemorable. In the world where the queactions Kaveh asks seem to be ramaining unanswered, the need to the genius of an intuition is magnified, the genius capable of choosing the right `right,' not the wrong `right,' or `left' for that matter. What's left from `left' should then be the right part of it, and let's hope that the same has at least been left from the `right' as well.

Fatema at September 13, 2003 01:26 PM [permalink]:

There is no any exact defenition for words like "God" "good" "evil"... people define them in a way in which they can live better.... and these defebitions are diffrent,becouse people have diffrent ideas of living well... for someone , perhaps its enough to have a small house in which he/she can live safe..the other one may be just get satisfied by shaking alll world!!!
And about America . i have never been there,, but from what we read in diffrent medias,and talking to diffrent people, i can say that its an almost free land, and comfortable (for its people offcourse) ...perhaps these good things are gathered there through some bad ways , but the fact which is infront of us is that " by each passing day,, more and more people in 3rd world countries (such is our dear iran) start dreaming of living in U.S one day!

Mehrad at September 13, 2003 01:47 PM [permalink]:

One last question Kaveh:
Does anyone push you to write? Ha?

Kaveh Kh. at September 13, 2003 02:10 PM [permalink]:

No, It's just a bad habit.

nina at September 14, 2003 09:45 AM [permalink]:

I start with your question: what is left of the dream? I think that before 11/9 our dreams were changing, dying or recreating in different ways. The 20th century left us with huge revolutions in all beliefs, religions, and dreams. We took leave of our dreams and were hopeless about our utopia in the future because of so many afflicting facts such as wars, killing each other by upward technology, hunger and torturing and so many other things. I think that being a despairing soul in philosophy multiply the effects of those pains so that our beautiful dreams were decreased.
So we are here, in this world with all reasons reflecting our mind, feels and beliefs, and with any harmful event in human history, such as 11/9 as one of them, we go far and far from our dreams to the day we have our dreamy world. Else, we will forget them all.