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August 02, 2003

This Kind of Daddy
Hamid Ahmadi  [info|posts]

ballot.gifHe woke up one day, shortly after 2 Khordad, and wrote a constitution. He gathered us around. Us being my mom, me, my kid brother and kid sister. We were to practice democracy from this day on.

The next day he made a box with cardboards and blank sheets. Cut a hole on the top and called it the Voting Box. Every decision in the house was to be decided democratically. Blank sheets were folded, scissored and handed out.

Much to his surprise, the next 4 months turned out to be nothing but takeouts and spagetti, loud music and indoor smoking.

He endured most of it, he did, much to our surprise. But when it came to deciding whether we can bring our boyfriends and girlfriends home, he finally snapped and burned the constitution and the Box in a flaming fury. We're now practicing communism.

A Reader at August 4, 2003 05:45 PM [permalink]:

What about Religous Democracy ? ;) maybe it might help your family grow up better. Anyhow it can be better than communism. ;)
There are two paradoxes about democracy:
1,The majority vote against the right of majority. In Germany , 51 percent voted to Hitler , who was against communism !
2. Delegation of your right to a member who does against what you have voted him for ... I have voted you to run this weblog, you do against my will, what should I do then. On one hand i have agreed to delegate my rights to you , on the other hand I hate your manner .
This is also a paradox
Could we solve the democracy for the pepole? Where should we start from ?


hamid ahmadi at August 4, 2003 06:30 PM [permalink]:

lets face it, democracy sucks. We put up with it only because it is bland and simple.

Its the "Opium" as far as I'm concerned.

elnaz at August 4, 2003 08:42 PM [permalink]:

That's why small children don't have the right to vote :)

hajir at August 4, 2003 09:10 PM [permalink]:

democracy before being a political system is a cultural issue. democracy doesn't suck, people do. a people who vote for hitler deserve him and a people who voted for "Islamic Republic" deserved it.

the anonymous commenter brought up two problems and I could add plenty more. But untill now history has not recorded a more reasonable way to govern the people. Religious democracy is a nonsense that uneducated Mullahs introduced to Iran.

1. Majority cannot even vote against the right of Minority in a liberal democracy. Rights are well preserved by constitution... Democracy has advanced since world warI. can I also refer to middle ages, 9/11, Taliban or Islamic Republic to root out religion?

2. It is selfish to expect what you want must be done exactly the way you want it. Your elected official has many others who voted for him. In a democracy you do not vote for people but for "parties" and parties always express their views about issues at hand. If all parties suck then you are welcome to establish your own party and start your campaign.

anonymous ! at August 4, 2003 11:16 PM [permalink]:

Dear Hajir
I am not anonymous !
I think the problem and the solution you mentioned is not that simple. We have been dreaming about democracy, the main thing we should know is that democracy is not enough. Ok, you are tired of religious democracy because of whatever reasons, So let me give you other solutions : social democracy, National Democracy ( Nazism ) ,Imperial Democracy ( shah's model) , or American Democracy, which one do you like ....
What's wrong with american democracy? The thing we forget , as many do , is the ruling system in West is also a coalition of state ( elected side ) and Capitalist ( non - elected side ) of the society , the capitalist is a bit smart, so he hides himeslves behind , 40 tv channels. 6 parties. You claim I can have my own party, what if I don't have enough money . what if you have enough money to buy my people's vote .... No these are really serious question . By the way religous democracy is not only said by Mullahs. have you ever heard about Bahais ? I think whatever you blame them . you can't blame them to be uneducated. So please forget these labels for one moment and think beyond them.

Grand Vizier at August 5, 2003 12:20 AM [permalink]:

Capitalists? A coalition of state and capitalism? That's exactly what is happenning in Iran. A conspiracy in the name of God, just for some archaic form of capitalism to go ahead in a hopeless way.

I still prefer the broken democracy of the West, maybe just because it sounds better, educates better and thinks better.

A Reader at August 5, 2003 12:43 AM [permalink]:

Secularism has been up to recently somewhat a dirty word amongst Islamists. Their primary fear being that a secular state would be the harbringer of "corruption", "unIslamic values" and etc into society. It is often stated that secularism is a western idea that does not fit in Islamic societies.
However perhaps a more comfortable definition (albeit brief) of secularism would be "the seperation of the apparatus of state and the apparatus of religion." Such a government would function according to a constitution that is not religiously inspired and kept in check by if needs be by the religious values of society.
The difficult question is where does one draw the line between the rights of the individual and the rights of society. The recent guy marriage uproar in Canada is an example.
As for Baha'is, there are two opinions about that. Some claim that a Bahai's administrative system is a theocratic democracy and other believe that Baha'i teachings favour seperation of church and state. In any case since there is no Baha'i country it is a moot point.

anonymous at August 5, 2003 01:00 AM [permalink]:

Dear Grand Vizier,
What is exactly happening in Iran is not simply a coalition of capitalism and state , or a coalition of Feudalism and state ! it is a bit more discussable, let me think!Whatever you wanna argue, just remember that that capitalism is define able for an industrialized country,do you think are we industrialzed ? An italian director descirbed his own class as a pre-prolterian class , they are not serfs any more , but they are not educated enough or something enough to be proletariat , it is even less .

I also do agree that the western democracy SOUNDS better! JaJa , where you monopolize the media, you can urinate in a glass and sell it as beer !Just look at american Life video by Madonna, she can tell you better what can American life mean . God bless her !

There is one more thing I need to say, to me secularism is NOT WESTERN! Separation of State and Church was a translation of Caliphate system of Arabs to them in Middle ages, which was also a translation of Sasanid Imperial monarchy of God's representative in the Earth... Well I am tired now ..let's discuss this later.

Thinking of a solution is not that easy, but anyhow Questioning is piety of thought!