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July 19, 2003

They Fooled Themselves?
Babak Seradjeh  [info|posts]

Yesterday there was a one-hour programme on the biography channel about Khomeini. It had commentaries of different people on the life of the Ayatollah, among them Mansour Farhang, the ambassador of the revolution's interm government to the UN. He said, Khomeini's book, `Islamic Government,' was out before but we didn't think it was that importnat to read it carefully.

So, when someone who was part of the government of revolution says he didn't expect what happened, did ordinary people expect what happened? When Mr. Farhang had not read Khomeini's book, had ordinary people? I remember there was a book named `Velayat-e Faqih' by Ayatollah Dastqeib at our home. I once sorted the books in our library by their size (in one of my childhood plays) and it was thenafter at the far left of its row where one could clearly see the cover. I used to sit at the side of this bookshelf for hours and play or read or do homeworks, and each time I stared up I would see this book. I would have to immediately turn my face, according to the principle of the least nonesense that I have always practiced. So finally I had to replace the book. It was just then that I paged the book for a few seconds. In brief, I never read it. I wonder if so many intellectuals and the people who were well-versed in leftist literature simply missed the written documents of the clerics who took the power afterwards in much the same way.

Yaser Kerachian at July 19, 2003 03:24 PM [permalink]:

I actually once read the whole book of "Velayate Faghih" for the project of one of my courses back in Iran. Unlike many people think, the book is more about applying Islamic rule than advocating the rulling of a Faghih. Basically it is more about Velayate Feghh than Valayate Faghih. That's why I think even if all the people had read the book they would have still suppoted Khomeini. The idea of having Islamic rules, 25 years ago, was not something odd at all. Actually, whether you like it or not, wasn't it one of the main reason people participated in the revolution?