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July 18, 2003

Fanaticism or Identity? Take Your Pick!
Kaveh Khodjasteh  [info|posts]

This is a more thorough response to Eric who commented on the conversation reported by Babak yesterday. I would like to add a few points and I'm sure many of my ideas might seem incorrect to you, but have your say too:

.....Iranians are not muslims? what exactly is a muslim and whats the difference between that and islam?

Iranians are mostly (90%?) Muslims, that is they believe in The One God (Allah, literally) and his last prophet Mohammad and the life after death. However the Iranian identity is a complex mixture of pre-Islamic/Islamic/post-Islamic traits. This is why nowadays most of the young people in Iran do not care if US has occupied Afghanistan/Iraq, and they also think they have nothing to do with Palestinian uprisings. This is to be contrasted to the young people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Pacific Muslim countries and Arab countries that think otherwise. This shows just the tip of the iceberg of the Iranian dilemma. Iranian people have many problems and fanaticism is also one of them, but not a main one in my opinion.

what they should be doing with all that terrorist money, is feed the starving children in palestine...instead of trying to kill with it. wouldnt that end suffering? their stated goal?

Yes! It will definitely be more humane and ethically correct but we are talking about all these people who are simply lazy to think for themselves and would listen to this fanatic talking in the corner of a musque who is calling everyone to arms because he can easily define good and bad for these people. Fanaticism is really bred by people who are too lazy to think.

I also wanted to add soemthing about the environment and what overdeveloped countries are doing with it, but I think I can leave it for some other occasion.

Mojtaba at July 18, 2003 08:39 PM [permalink]:

You have a good weblog and I enjoy reading it. I hope that you could continue your collective work.

Iman at July 19, 2003 08:09 AM [permalink]:

Hi Guys
Nice blog. Keep writing. I will be your regular reader. Thanks to Mojtaba to put your link in his weblog.

Mammad at July 23, 2003 08:27 PM [permalink]:

The job of those group of fanatics that Kaveh mentioned is not (was not) only listen to a mullah in the corner of a mosque but building hospitals and feeding the starving children (cf. BBC not IRNA)... I'm not going to justify their works but I just want to mention 3 points :
1. The problem of Palestine and Israel is different from the problem of the terrorism like the case of the Taliban group (which have never been supported by Palestinians) in Afghanistan
2. The early strategy of Iran with respect to this problem is something else and should be discussed; the ways in which a country can help another country; military help or intervention, propaganda, education.....
3. This weblog is supposed to be a forum for the free thoughts on "Iran" not the international terrorism and Islam or whatever.