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July 17, 2003

Network Project on Persian Weblogs
Mehdi Yahyanejad  [info|posts]

network.jpeg I have been interested in networks of all sorts: biological, social, physical, etc. A good example of social networks are weblogs, including Persian weblogs. In this case, each weblog is a node and each url link is a directional connection between two nodes. By studying this network, we can know about: the main people who propagate ideas in this network, whether there are clusters of people who talk between themselves without much connection to outside, or whether these clusters are centered around coherent ideas for example politics, erotica, etc. For the interest of physicists, we can also see if the number of links per node obeys a power law distribution, which then would be called a "scale free distribution."

For this purpose, I took the first step and wrote a perl script to find all the links between a given set of weblogs. My script searches through all the archives of old messages of each weblog as well. Unfortunately, this script does not work for weblogs on or sites, which are host to a considerable number of persian websites. Once I get around this problem, I will be able to obtain the network of Persian weblogs.

Please let me know your suggestions.

Kaveh at July 17, 2003 02:28 PM [permalink]:

And what will we do next? Nevermind I was just testing the comment!

Vahid Shahrezaei at July 18, 2003 04:50 PM [permalink]:

I think this kind of thing has been done to death on the internet and the links between webpages. Why do you think you would get a different result. But if you get it would be very interesting. From iranians and their social network nothing is unexpeceted!

mehdi at July 18, 2003 04:57 PM [permalink]:

I don't expect the general power-law behavior would be any different. I am more interested in the social/cultural aspect. I want to find clusters in this network, and to see what are the existing sub-cultures in them.


Mina at October 5, 2003 06:11 AM [permalink]:

Come on and see how it could be cool

Hamed at November 5, 2003 07:14 AM [permalink]:

I haven't seen your post before. I agree with vahid. However it has been studied very well, one can find new application for it. The minimum thing that you can do, you can put some statistic and results on FtoI with a small description for novice, then BOOM! You will have many visitors.