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About the FToI Project

Free Thoughts on Iran (FToI) is the collective project of a group of Iranian students practicing the formulation and expression of their diverse opinions.

The idea of this project was born after some lengthy email-list correspondence at the time of the Iraq War II, on the political and ethical aspects of that war, among some friends, mostly recent graduates of universities in Iran. These electronic conversations converged onto a real presence on the web when a few of us thought that we need to engage in a solid constructive dialogue about political and cultural concepts that are at stake in today's Iran. This collective weblog is now a place, first, for dialogue among its authors and their audience.

We are also hopeful at the possible impact we might have on the Blogosphere, and the international community, on how they understand and respond about Iran and Iranians in general. In fact this is why English language and not Persian is used here: This weblog is also a messenger.

The authors are mostly: young people who have studied in Iranian universities and are now continuing their studies abroad, many in science or technology institutions. There are a few notable authors who come from other backgrounds, and contribute to this weblog by their unique perspectives. The authors, regardless of their background, have diverse opinions, a matter that is promoted and appreciated in our project. All of our authors are required to write under their actual names to promote personal responsibility and individualism. Although political issues have been the subject of most of the posted articles, this weblog is absolutely open to other subjects such as economy, philosophy, religion, technology, arts, etc.

FToI is supervised/administered/edited by an editorial board, which constantly suggests/edits/scrutinizes the work of the authors and is responsible for the design and presentation of the content. If you are going to link to us, or even better already have, the editors kindly ask that you use the complete name of the site, that is ‘Free Thoughts on Iran’. The editors can be contacted by email at .

FToI accepts guest submissions for publication. Guest submissions are reviewed by the editorial board and/or other volunteer editors for relevance, quality of content (which is expected to be generally higher than that of the average member posts) and style of presentation. Although it is not quite possible to make a judgement on "relevance", "quality" and "style" independent of the judge, such a review is a necessary condition for any publication process under a specific title, such as FToI. Please submit your drafts to . For more information and clarifications, please see this editorial comment.