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May 13, 2007

Opening Iran's Domestic Market to International Banking
Guest Author: Ali Dadpay

moneyglobe.jpg Fars News Agency reports that Iran's minister of Economic Affairs and Finance announced last week that Iranian government welcomes international banks' presence in Iranian domestic market. Speaking in a gathering of bank directors he told them that the necessary preparations are completed for international banks to open their branches in Tehran and other Iranian cities. In its latest dispatch Fars News Agency reports that 44 foreign banks have offices in Tehran and most likely they all will be allowed to open branches in Iran to offer consumer level banking services.

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May 03, 2007

Innovative technologies can help moral police
Yaser Kerachian

police.jpgThe recent crackdown in Iran over dress codes has been very disappointing from technological perspective. The way moral police tries to control people is very primitive since it requires police to check every individual. The large population of Iran needs the deployment of thousands of police forces with a very high cost. Advancement in the technology in the last few decades can help moral police to do their job much more efficiently and with considerably lower cost. Below, I propose several technology-based devices for this purpose.

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April 06, 2007

Nice suits
Guest Author: Ali Dadpay

Ali Dadpay_Nice Suits.jpg Reading BBC comments section one can't help noticing how many people have commented on the suites the British crew members were wearing while meeting President Ahmadinejad[1]. Many commented on how fashionable and well tailored these suites were. Iranians have a great taste when it comes to garments and suites.

Iranian tailors and domestic suite makers still have a considerable share of the attires market in Iran. Traditionally Iranian families buy fabrics and have a family tailor make a garment or suite. The history of the tailor profession after the revolution is a classic microeconomics example of demand and supply.

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December 21, 2006

Open Letter
Arash Jalali

A couple of weeks ago he wrote another letter. He likes writing letters; or maybe he likes attention. Whatever the motive, now that "His Excellency" has declared his detestation of "darkness, deceit, lies, and distortion" and his admiration for "salvaion, elightenment, sincerity and honesty", I, yours truely, a nobody living in Iran, who is eternally grateful to the Almighty for having been blessed to be living under "His Excellency's" God-fearing, truth-loving, justice-seaking administration, would in turn like to write a letter to him.

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November 24, 2006

The US Policy toward Iran
Arash Rajaeeyan

I was attending a web chat with Ambassador James F. Jeffrey regarding the US policy toward Iran; sadly there were not many people from Iran. I strongly recommend reading the content of these links before going on.

It is obvious that Iran and the US are standing face to face because of different interests they have in the region, which includes, but is not limited to, making nuclear bombs, their policy toward Israel and interference in Iraq. Now what will be the policy of the US toward Iran?

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November 19, 2006

Justice for Mostafa, Funeral for Tohid
Babak Seradjeh

doc-38259.jpg On November 14, Mostafa Tabatabainejad, an Iranian-American student at UCLA was asked to leave the library when he failed to produce an ID in a random check after 11 pm. When he was slowly leaving, he was tasered by the police several times, with no good reason, according to eyewitness accounts. The incident was captured on a cellphone video and the shocking video is available on YouTube. It is torturing and gut-wrenching to watch these seven minutes and one is simply obliged to take action one way or another to help bring justice for Mostafa. The UCLA students staged a protest shortly afterwards, which forced the authorities to launch a serious investigation into the incident. The major media outlets ran the story. MSNBC broadcast the video and talked to Mostafa's attorney who is going to press federal civil rights charges against the police.

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November 06, 2006

Remembering those days ...
Yaser Kerachian

Recently, I read a book titled "The Confederation" which has a very interesting historical review of The Confederation of Iranian Students, National Union from late 1950s till late 1970s, the last years of its activity. Confederation was a very strong anti-shah student organization which played an important role among the oppositions of the Shah's regime. What strikes me about this organization and its several tousands members, all Iranian students living outside Iran, is how much active they were at those times when the only tools of communication were expensive phone conversations. For more than 20 years, Confederation had regular annual gatherings where they were attended by student representatives from all around the world. They were responsible for many anti-Shah demonstrations in Europe and North America which had a great impact on raising international pressure on Shah.

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November 01, 2006

What the ... ?
Arash Jalali

warning.jpgWhen he had not yet officially taken office, the sheer thought of him being the president caused the markets to collapse. I thought it would all be temporary and the country would soon go about its usual business, because after all, he might be the president but he will have to leave the day to day affairs to the people who know, more or less, what they are doing.

When he claimed he was surrounded by a glow of light during his UN speech last November, I simply thought he is just a delusional man who is, in a rather twisted way, obsessed with the idea of being among "the chosen ones".

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September 29, 2006

Lust, Love, Lamentation, and Collective Lunacy
Arash Jalali

BAGH-e-FARDOS.JPGDarya, a young girl, "successful" by all typical Iranian measures, struggles with her mental and emotional problems. The combination of a controlling mother, a deceased father, and a pervert gigolo for a stepfather is enough to convince the audience that this girl has every right to be so psychologically devestated. Yet Siamak Shayeghi, the script writer/producer/director of "Baagh-e-Ferdos, 5 PM", doesn't stop at that. He puts Darya not only right in the middle of a hectic working environment and in contact with all the wrong people that could and in fact do aggravate her melancholy, but she also, like all its other inhabitants, is destined to deal with the daily challenges of life in a chaotic, morally degenerate metropolis.

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August 17, 2006

Ganji's Assumptions
Guest Author: Cyrus Ferdowsi

Robin Wright recalls in a Washington Post article that

A year ago, President Bush issued a statement saying [...] "[Ganji's] valiant efforts should not go in vain. [...] Mr. Ganji, please know that as you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you."
In the same article, Ganji recalls
"I was in solitary confinement in prison and had no contact with anyone when Bush announced support for me." Interrogators, however, "talked to me as if I had had dinner with Bush the previous evening."
Wright adds that "Bush administration support is dangerous for Middle East democrats these days."

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